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    78 Tried 78 Failed Charlie Zelenoff Is A Phenom Last Win Was Superb

    in Sports

    Superb Power And Speed I Am The Greatest Of All Time you haters need help. you sold me short now you know "marciano" "ali" "mayweather" "tyson" "dempsey" joe louis" they cannot match that kind of hand speed power no match Im unmatched Unrivaled Im the Greatest Of All Time this Win Proves it i beat a heavyweight with a weight height and reach advantage with ease I jabbed him so hard @ 0:32 he nearly dropped and got knocked out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHlU3zpvqK0 

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    Let's Talk About Jesus: Stephen reviews the history of Israel (Acts 7:17-29)

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    Welcome to the radio ministry of Bethel Life International Fellowship and B.L.I.F. Network .

    Thank you for joining us tonight for another episode of "Let's Talk About Jesus". I am your host, Bishop Melveeta Harewood; Second Presiding Bishop of Bethel Life International Fellowship, headquartered in Austin, Quebec, Canada.  Joining me tonight is Elder Barbara Royer, minister of communications and assistant in the Healing Rooms ministry at Bethel Life Centre and Minister Debbie Weston of Brooklyn, NY (USA), Senior Administrative Assistant at B.L.I.F.

    We will continue in the Book of Acts, chapter 7, verses 17 through 29 as Stephen reviews the history of Israel, pointing out Israel's rejection of the plans of God and God's deliverance of the Nation of Israel through various trials and perils. Make sure you have your Bible to follow along, and please take notes.

    Our mandate at BLIF Network is to make it cear that what is wriitn in the Bible isvery relevent to the Body of Christ and our Christian walk today.

    If you have any questions or comments during this broadcast please post them to our Facebook Event page. Any questions about any of our other broadcasts, please send them to: network@bethellifeif.org. You will receive a response. 

    May the Grace & Peace of God the Father be with you always. +David R. Harewood & +Melveeta Grooms Harewood

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    Episode 29 - Rodger Sherman

    in Sports

    SB Nation's Rodger Sherman previewed nearly every team that made the NCAA tournament, but he wants you to know that doesn't mean his predictions are good or even just okay. Still, we decide to ask him about the surprises of the Sweet 16, which team from the state of North Carolina has the best chance to advance to the Final Four, and whether space travel will be commonplace before Northwestern makes the tourney. There's also a quick round of Ask Jane, covering Metallica, rivalry trophies, and ice cream.

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    Fantasy Football Podcast Episode #29

    in Sports

    This week's episode will feature David Feld and staff writer Jaime Jackson as they talk offseason fantasy football and NFL

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    Exodus 29 - 31

    in The Bible

    Bible In A Year  :: Old Testament :: Exodus 29 - 31

    We will Read Chapters: 29 - 31 of Exodus and follow the read up with a short discussion. 

    The goal is to produce a closer relationship with God through the rhythm of reading and discussing these three chapters daily. Hopefully, our love, loyalty, submission and appreciation for God and Jesus will grow exponentially from our daily read, study and discussion of the bible.

    My Prayer is that this won't be a religous act for Christians but an act that will bind Disciple's hearts closer to God deeper into his amazing will and love. May all who participate empower their eternal advocates. 

    God's Blessings .. Until we meet again 

    - NPE - 

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    #29 überlube: Amy Brand Ambassador

    in Lifestyle

    This week we are joined by Brand Ambassador for überlube, Amy Baldwin. We will be discussing the history of überlube, and why überlube is one of the only brand lubes that are fun IN and OUT of the bedroom! 

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    Day 29 of 31 Days of Proverbs

    in Motivation

    Proverbs 29

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    29 Days of Sex Rites, Rituals and Results!

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    Women Class Only

    29 Days of Sex Rites, Rituals and Results!

    There is so much Misinformation out about Sex, even from other teachers that only put a "light" perspective on things, that its no wonder BLACK WOMEN have not stood fully in Magic, Mysticism, Dom Power, Wifery, and Marriage Mastery....EVERYTHING RELATES TO SEX...no ways around it.

    Sign up here on my Website:


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    29 ~ Your DreamVisions NOW

    in Dreams

    Are Humans alone on Earth? ETs/Reptilians,

    The NUBooks and DreamCourse,

    The NU-U with The Natural Environment and Becoming MoreAware, 

    Bodies and Experience within the Physical Realm,

    Initiations, Memberships, Taplining,

    Marketing, Agreement, Foods,

    Lulufar - part 10 'A NULife'

    Test The NU-U for yourself, meet with Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, and begin your own 'Journey to RealFreedom' today.

    Would YU like to support the show? YU can now support the show by buying a T-Shirt or a hoodie, it's always your choice. Both Your DreamVisions Now and The NUPresentation Foundation shirts are available now, for a limited time only.

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    Sunday School Commentary on Mark 11:1-11 for the week of 03-29-15

    in Christianity

    V 1: when Jesus’ entourage was a day journey from Jerusalem, he sent two of his disciples to a place in the city of Bethany where he had friends, Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus lived. V.2&3:Jesus tells the Two to bring him a colt that no man has sat upon if the owner should ask why you are loosing the colt you tell him the, ‘Lord has need’. V.4,5&6 ; are a verbatim account of what Jesus said would happen. V. 7 they bought the colt but not a colt only an ass as well (Matt 21:2, Jesus, ‘’you will find an ass tired loose them and bring them onto me’’). V. 8: when the colt was brought to Jesus word spread that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem; many of his disciples put their garments on the back of the animal and in the road; others rush out to meet Jesus while cutting down palm branches and spreaded it in the road. V.9 &10 is the multitude who knew of his mighty works they had witnessed Lazarus raised from death. They went before the crowd and others followed and as they came near to Mount Olives they cried  out in the lousiest of voice, ‘’Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord, Blessed is the most High as loud as they could. Some of the Pharisees in Luke 19:39 came to Jesus and asked him to rebuke his disciples. If these disciples were to  hold their peace the rocks would do the praising, Jesus said. The Pharisees said among themselves, ‘’the world has gone after him’’. V.11: has Jesus entering Jerusalem in the evening going in the temple looking around leaving to spend the night in Bethany and have his evening meal with Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. Mary washed his feet . The Pharisees plotted to killed Jesus and Lazarus In 5 days Jesus would be dead.


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    Ep. 29: Love & Hip-hop, Celibacy & Free Giggles

    in Entertainment

    Don't wait!!!  Tune in and laugh with the host of 2 Black Girls & Mic @Alysse Stewart & @ShayMooreOnAir.  These two energetic, straight forward and entertaining radio host will leave you wanting more at the end of this 30 minuet episode.  They are talking all about good sex, bad sex and neighbors complaining about sex that's too loud.  Sounds like a lot of the S-E-X word but trust there is a lot more.  Like Creflo Dollar and his call for funds for a new church plane, breast-feeding babies with teeth, the crazy happenings on Love & Hip-hop #NewYork and believe it or not: the potential Kick Starter fund for Shay's new boobs - did she really say that? Press play to find out what's really going on with Stewart and Moore in this entertaining episode of 2 Black Girsls & A Mic.

    LIKE the show on Facebook (2BlackGirlsAndAMic) and holla at us on Twitter (@2Blackgirls and Instagram too.  Much love to you for the listen.  And a big hug for those that comment, share and follow the show here on #BlogTalkRadio.  *Now available on iTunes too.

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