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    21st Century Libraries

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    For centuries, the defining role of the library has been as a repository of books. Now, in the 21st century, the library faces perhaps its most momentous challenge: Americans are moving away increasingly from the printed page to digital screens for information and communication.

    Library leaders nationwide are adapting to this shift by reimagining the library as an engaged community center. The role of librarians is being re-branded to reflect their expertise as content curators and trusted navigators in an ever-expanding ocean of information — in whatever format it may exist.

    Join us as we chat with Audrey Barbakoff from Kitsap Regional Library and other stakeholders about their vision and upcoming efforts.

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    LEGO EDUCATION presents the newly-renamed  Partnership for 21st Century Learning. Executive Director Helen Soule will tell us about the name change and the incredible programs underway

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    Guest: Lisa Smeraldi, The Essence Of A 21st Century Woman!!!

    in Spirituality

    In her lifelong quest for self knowledge Lisa Smeraldi has delved into tantra, Qi, self mastery and interpersonal relationships. This proud product of the New York public school system lives and works in the Bronx. She is the essence of a 21st century woman, as handy with a tent pole as an embroidery needle, a site map or a blueprint.  Over twenty years' service with the State of New York has not diminished her enthusiasm or slowed her passionate involvement in developing and upgrading housing for Bronx residents. If you could use a bit of can do inspiration, listen up!

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    IBM Futurist Trevor Davis on 21st Century Leadership

    in Business

    With a 30 year career as a thought leader in business, Trevor Davis shares his thoughts with 21st Century Leadership.

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    21st Century Leadership: Dr Robin Wood and Thriveability

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    Robin is recognized internationally as being in the vanguard of integral leaders, business advisors, authors and entrepreneurs in Europe. He is based in the South of France and London, and has lived and worked in over 30 countries on 4 continents. He has founded, developed and supported hundreds of organizations to realize their full potential in sustainable ways. For example, he co-developed the World Bank’s first Sustainable Energy policy in 1992, co-founded one of Europe’s first e-business incubators in 1999 at E&Y, consulted to the UK Cabinet Office on social capital in 2002 and contributed to the UN Year of Micro-credit strategy in 2005.

    As Founding President of Renaissance2 Robin is responsible for the vision, strategy and design of Renaissance2, as well as leadership of the executive team that ensures the effective operation of the organization.

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    "Business Communication - 21st Century"

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    Bob Paff, speaker, author, thought-leader and actor joins BluPrint Radio to talk about Business Communication in the 21st Century.  We’ll interview Bob and get his perspective on how technology has improved or perhaps “wounded” workplace communication, communication between the generations, how effective communication builds trust, and a peak at his soon to be released book, “Communicating to Win…In Life, Love & Business.”

    Nationally recognized in the field of insurance and benefits working in the industry for over thirty years, Bob became a highly sought-after speaker on a variety of topics whose inspiring and empowering message reached a diverse list of prominent institutions such as Johns Hopkins University Hospital, PNC Bank and the Boy Scouts of America as well as sharing the stage with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Ben Carson.

    Bob’s new book, “Communicating to Win – In Life, Love & Business” is a must-read and he’s been featured on the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Show as well as having had his own CBS Radio show “Communicating To Win” , a “Competitive Edge” segment on Fox 45 TV and WBAL’s “Good Day Baltimore” including appearances on MPT’s Money & Business, appearance in a 2014 episode of “House of Cards” among other media engagements which opened the door for his modeling, acting and voice over career.

    Please join BluPrint Radio on Tuesday October 21, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. Eastern to hear our interview with speaker, author, thought-leader and actor, Bob Paff. 

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    Accountability: Are We Really Prepared for the 21st Century?

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    As we enter a new year, Common Sense Conversations, takes accountability of the progress of a people. Are we truly prepared to exist in the 21st century?  Has the message been laid out for us by our elders, or do we still need prep time? What was the message that our ancestors/elders had prepared for us. Are the current leaders/lecturers, people who are recognized as leaders, honoring the messages of the past?  What does self-reliance look like in the 21st Century?

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    Common Sense for the 21st century

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    Welcome to Common Sense for the 21st Century, or Common Sense 21 for short. A show driven by facts, not politics or conspiracies. Just provable facts and common sense. We will look at cuurent news articles, blogs, etc and talk about the facts behind the story. 

    Featuring Timothy Howard, founder of the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network, and Matt Fitzgibbons, founder of PatriotMusic.com, Common Sense for the 21st Century is a fact-based show that focuses on today's concerns for the disaster preparedness-minded. Tim Howard has over 30 years experience in disaster preparedness with many certifications, both government and non-government. Matt Fitzgibbons is a philosopher, historian, and musician and he's passionate about Natural Rights and the Founding Principles that made the United States the longest standing, freest nation on the planet.

    Together, we'll cover all sides of the issues with reason and facts so our listeners can make the best decision for themselves, and we'll even delve into some of the stranger ideas.

    Conspiracy theories are often interesting and even enticing because they carry elements of facts that are reassembled for sensationalism. CS21 goal is to identify the facts and separate the truth from the outright lies.

    USAEBN Radio is a 24hour Preparedness radio network and can be listen to at www.usaebn.org. You can always download the show, for reviewing at a later time by clicking on the microphone on our website.

    A wise man prepares for the darkness, while a fool plays. Don’t get caught playing.

    Listen to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network – An American Readiness Program at www.usaebn.org

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    Create a 21st Century America & Leave 20th Century America in the past!

    in Politics

    Work for the best America ever. A 19th century America won't do. A 20th century America won't do. Create a 21st century America. Leave your grands 20th century in the past. The worst of 19th century America is embedded into 20th century America. My works are for prosperity for working class adults and children of our nation. My works are  for a 21st Century America where children born today will not face segregation and racism 54years from today. My works are for a 21st century America where all children will know American history and no child will feel quilt or undue pride toward the actions or lack thereof of their ancestors. My works are for an America where all our  children feel protected in their homes, in streets, in schools, in parades, in places of worship. We get there from here with faith and with work. All Americans deserve to be free to prosper according to their faith and their works. Prosperity is available for all only in a 21st century America. Join me this day and build a 21st century for all America!

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    Model Railroading in the 21st Century

    in Hobbies

    Model Railroading has been a popular hobby for many decades. This week, Kansas City Nathan, a model railroader himself, will be discussing the Model Railroading in the 21st Century.

    Long gone are the cracker-jack boxcars or half-hearted attempts to create quality locomotives and other rolling stock. Today, we have highly detailed models that are ready-to-run and highly detailed, to the point that rivet-counters are drooling! A newcomer to the hobby is 3D printing.

    This and much more will be discussed, we invite you to join in the conversation by calling 646-716-7106.

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    A Theory of Parenting - FIT or Fashion Institute of Technology Museum

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    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    Today ATP is proud to bring to you info live from FIT or Fashion Institute of Technology Museum 

    www.fitnyc.edu reports:

    The mission of the Museum is to advance knowledge of fashion through exhibitions, programs and publications. 

    We invite you to gain an intriguing perspective on the culture of fashion through the Museum's engaging programs and publications. Our educational programming, Fashion Culture, includes free lectures, panel discussions, fashion conversations, and guided tours. The Museum’s most ambitious program, the annual Fashion Symposium, features noted scholars, authors, and curators from around the world . 

    Exhibition: Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the ’70s celebrates the two designers who defined the sexy and glamorous fashions of the 1970s

    Both designers are equally represented by the approximately 80 ensembles and 20 accessories that are arranged thematically in an environment designed to evoke the style of this singular, dynamic era in history.

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