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    SwCA Episode 206: Never Mention A Number First When Negotiating A Salary.

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    SHOW SITE: http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-206-financial-fierceness-series-never-mention-a-number-first-when-negotiating-a-salary.html


    SHOW NOTES: Our FINANCIAL FIERCENESS!™ series integrates our financial goals into our development plan for surpassing our goals. We deal with the specific issues we need to explore in order to achieve (and surpass) our financial goals. This episode is, "Never Mention A Number First When Negotiating A Salary.”

    In this show we discuss A Stone* of Solutions™ regarding:

    1) Why you decide how much money you will make.

    2) First rule of salary negotiations is that humans do not want to talk about salary.

    3) Do not be anchored and defined by a past salary.

    4) Why you think a “good salary” is different from what your employer thinks.

    5) Why negations are a positive experience.

    6) How to use your chess and/ or poker skills to win.

    7) How to answer an application request for your former salary.

    8) How to research [...]



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    Twitter: @ZealousBusiness

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    #206 Living as Sacred Dreaming with Jai Cross

    in Spirituality

    Living as Sacred Dreaming (December 12) – We live on multiple planes simultaneously. Many people energetically anchor themselves in consensual reality, which greatly limits their ability to think for themselves, to explore different ways of being, and to activate their visionary potential. Life is most magical and rewarding when we dream big and then manifest those dreams into physical reality.

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    206 vs 313

    in Sports

    Cleavie Wonder and Young Maher will discuss which city has the better fanbase, Detroit or Seattl

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    CandidFrankLive's "CFL IZ the Best Football in The World" Show #206

    in Football

    CandidFrankLive's "CFL IZ the Best Football in The World" Show #206 10pm-12AMEDT: LA Call In #: 714.242.5250; Show EMAIL: candidfranklive@gmail.com;  click SKYPE icon on BlogTalkRadio PLAYER for live participation or just to listen. FACEBOOK: Candidfranklive Stanisci to leave a question, comment or your number to be called by the show.   THIS IS SHOW IS FOR AND BY THE FANS OF THE CFL, SO DON'T BE SHY AND ENJOY SHARING YOUR OPINONS. WE ARE LOOKING FOR FANS of the CFL TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR OPINIONS ABOUT THE GAME THEIR TEAM, COACHES, PLAYERS AND OTHER FANS OPINIONS, BUT KEEP  IT CLEAN (NUTUAL RESPECT, PLEASE). ALL NINE TEAMS COUNT AND NEED REPRESENTATION, UNTIL WE ACHIEVE THAT WE WILL MOVE ON TO THE COLLECTIVE NEXT STEP. LET'S GROW THE GAME TOGETHER AS DIE HARD FANS TOGETHER. CFL.ca NEEDS A SHOW LIKE THIS!  UNTIL THEN, CFL FANS ARE WELCOME HERE TO WHAT WE CONSIDER A UNIQUE FORMAT. There is no right or wrong opinions, just opinions shared while being mutually repectful, no foul language, just fun conversation based on our love of the Canadian Football League.  What we need is genuine passion & representation from every team to make this work.  You will be welcomed with open arms to help grow our offseason and during season Show; sharing talk about our Canadian game the Canadian Football League made of of the best players from around North America and elsewhere. IF YOU HAVE A BLOG SHOW PLEASE LET'S CROSS OVER ON EACH OTHER'S SHOWS.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY THIS ABOUT THE MOST UNIQUE LEAGUE IN THE WORLD AND IT IS ALL OURS...I MAN ALL OURS......

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    Episode #206 Guest Shirley B Providing an Attunement in 6 and 8

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic with guest Shirley B on Monday, December 1st at 8PM Mountain as they discuss number codes, frequencies and attunements in the 6 and 8 energies.  The new six and eight energies are the new energies of the Aquarian age and deal with the infinity loops of our personal soul mapping  as well as the evolution of the soul of the earth. We will discuss the energies of the six and eight . 

    This process was suggested in a channeled reading and further downloads to Shirley have provided the detailed approach.  Attunements will be provided for the listeners as a group time permitting..  If time permits, Dave and Shirley will provide healing work for callers.

    Shirley is an intuitive reader, a medium and an energy worker.  It is always a pleasure to have her on the show.  She reads and works with each individual as a part of the collective consciousness. She has been doing readings for 15 years and is clairvoyant and clairaudient. Shirley works with intuitive information, past lives, generational miasmas, crossovers, energy clearances, subconscious programming and the understanding of spiritual roots. She is able to facilitate enhancements. Her goal is to give each individual the tools to work with their own ascension. She has been a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner for two years. Her approach is one of transformation to create mapping within the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Bodies that lead to increased consciousness, abundance and awakening to our true selves.

    Shirley lives in the Denver area and can be reached by email at poet444@gmail.com

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    VFTB 206: Jerome Corsi - Who Really Killed JFK?

    in Paranormal

    FIVE SHOTS by three shooters changed the course of history. On November 22, 1963, a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, we are told, assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Except that modern analysis of the forensic evidence proves that this simply wasn’t possible.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi, senior reporter for WND.com and author of the best-sellers Who Really Killed Kennedy?, The Obama Nation, and Unfit For Command, discusses new research into the JFK assassination outlined in his new ebook Who Killed John F. Kennedy?  Corsi explains that audio recordings prove that the most likely scenario involved three shooters located in the Dal-Tex Building, the Texas Schoolbook Depository, and on the grassy knoll, as well as other compelling research that indicates who might have had the means and motive to want President Kennedy dead.

    Also: #OpFerguson; the H-word; and a good interview today about Ebola and transhumanism on The Josh Tolley Show (see his archives for November 26, 2014).

    Please join Derek and Sharon Gilbert Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM Central Time (GMT -6) for the Gilbert House Fellowship. Our plan is to study through the Bible in a live webcast every Sunday morning. Log on to www.GilbertHouse.org for more details.

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    Feuerstein's Fire #206

    in Sports

    Two Hour Show discussing American Soccer. Our Clubs, Leagues, Players, National Team and other Fabulous Moments

    First Hour: National, Second Hour: Local, New York Red Bulls

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    The Daily Missive - Program #206

    in Politics Conservative


    Program #206's 'Talking Points' include a lively reporting of:

    Olympian gains otherwise "no PR" by bring home stray animals from Sochi!
    Russian cops detain Italian "gay-rights" transgender activist before he/she gets inside hockey arena.
    "Hackathons" grow to more that 1,500 worldwide! Hundreds of thousands criminal hackers enjoy a place to call their own!
    Zimmerman puts the source of his current problems squarely where it belongs - The Black Messiah!


    Each weekday at 8:00 AM Eastern, Jon goes off on the Democrat Left Wing in the country. If there is one thing Jon doesn't care for, it's anyone apologizing for the USA and talking it down. The regime does both at every chance they get - from the WH down the line. Honesty, integity, family values and love of country are words that the Left doesn't have in their moral code!

    Jon is off the top many times and he does have a habit of ranting - going off on some tangent and just complaining, but Jon does offer solutions to the obstacles trown in our way to prevent us from upholding the US Constitution! It's a dirty word to the Democrat Left and if they hear it more than once in a day, they begin to foam at the mouth! They are a strange breed of people - Liberalism afterall, IS a mental disorder!

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    Apostles Doctrine Radio Episode 206

    in Religion

    Join Pastors Kelley Harrop and Kenny Powers Sunday at 10 am eastern time as they give Gods word.

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    GLMX #206: A Place of Impossibilities

    in Religion

    This past week, the bodies of the people who were killed in the tragic shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, were returned to the Netherlands. In a solemn ceremony, the country mourned their great loss together as each of the plain wooden coffins were removed from the plane. Thousands of people lined the 160-mile route from the airfield to a forensic facility where the bodies will be identified and then returned to their families for proper burial. 
    We can only imagine how awful it must have been for the family members of those who were killed in the incident to watch as coffin after coffin was carried from a plane to a waiting hearse. Imagine how it would feel to be grieving over a loved one who has died and you don't even know if you will be able to recognize that person's body when you receive it or if you will receive it at all. Imagine waiting at the airport to greet a friend when they arrive and they never come.
    These experiences of grief, suffering, and pain are common to the human race. It is almost as though it is par for the course of life on Earth.
    However, what if I told you that there was a place where such experiences are not simply unlikely, but completely impossible. Imagine if there were a place where it is impossible to die, to grieve, or to cry. A place where it is impossible to lose someone you loved. A place where there are no plane crashes, or sudden deaths, or accidents. 

    MUSICAL SELECTION: "Wonder of the World" by Rush of Fools

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    Politics Done Right With Egberto Willies

    in Politics

    Politics Done Right With Egberto Willies is a political talk show on current events. While the show has a admittedly liberal bent, it seeks to engage citizens of all political ideologies to foment a healthy discourse. Join us on Saturdays from 12:00 Noon CST to 2:00 PM CST.

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