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    Goals, Health & Success...How to have it all

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    Welcome to this, the first of our weekly shows on achieving your goals, health and the success you deserve! I have been blessed to have experienced many things in this life. I've earned a scholarship to a major university. I went on to play professional football for 12 years in almost every league out there. I went on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic, published author and speaker. 

    I did have many challenges along the way. I've been touched by suicide, illness and the stresses of everyday life. This show is for those that want to know how to get through the challenges and make it through to the other side.  

    We will discuss a wide range of topics from setting goals to how to improve your vision naturally. 

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    Relationship Goals

    in Romance

    Today’s Hot Topic is Beyonce’s Lemonade 

    Relationships Goals


    Texting & Relationships

    Hot Topics – Lemonade


    Song of the Week – I ain’t sorry

    Millie’s Moments – Let’s discuss Tank and his liking of his salad being to tossed

    #I Can #I Can’t –  

    Iggy Azalea Speaks Out About Nick Young Cheating Rumors – supposedly there is a tape of him admitting that he cheated

    Kanye West: 'I've Never Watched With the Sound On


    Date While You Wait in the NYC Subway, Meet Thomas C. Knox and his NYC subway project

    Prince’s Estate Drama – He supposedly named his sister his executor but she was on drugs 

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    Getting Organized On The Inside To Reach Your Goals

    in Self Help

    Are you feeling stuck because things don’t seem to change?  Do you feel overwhelmed once you realize what you need to do to move to the next level?  Are you ready to make the next half of 2016 more fulfilling than the first?  Join me and my guest RJ Hodges and discover techniques to get organized on the inside to move forward and reach your goals.

    RJ Hodges is a professional speaker, certified personal mastery life coach, certified practitioner in the healing art of Reiki, and the creator of a coaching system known as L.I.F.E (Living in Full Existence) Education. RJ Hodges is a bestselling co-author of the book Mission Unstoppable partnering with world-renowned leaders George Fraser and Les Brown. He is also the author of You Can’t Practice At The Game, The Art of Mastering You Volume One and an audio book series called Winner Status. RJ Hodges is the founder and president of empowerment companies, BORN II WIN and RJHodgesSpeaks, LLC. RJ specializes in both personal and professional development with a focus on helping people master themselves in order to transition into their idea of success and fulfillment. RJ works with corporate companies, small business owners, professionals looking to advance their careers, young adults looking to create a professional plan and aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you.

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    Goals to Lead

    in Goals

    Lead yourself starting by looking within and being honest. Take time during this show to look at who you are. Online quizzes and personal self-reflections are helpful. However, spend time in peace and quiet and feel within what is going on in your mind. What is bouncing around with the self-talk? With that, you will know what type of goals you can build and create to better yourself and take you forward. Find out what goals to use to lead yourself by starting with your current self along with the BIG AND CRAZY DREAMS that seem impossible to you. DREAM BIG...then work backwards to your SMART GOALS with a mission and vision.

    Pick up your The SIMPLE New Year Journal: 28-Day Reflections HERE NOW so you can have some space to write or draw for a month and plan your changes.

    Take a look at my upcoming books and The PEAK Journal HERE with Napualii Publishing

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    The Importance Of S.T.U.P.I.D. Goals (#111)

    in Motivation

    You've heard of setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals but now it's time to learn how to set S.T.U.P.I.D. Goals!

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    in Self Help

    EPISODE #159:


    In this week’s episode of Confidence on the Go, we’re chatting about:


    How to know when your goal is pure or prideful and how to know the difference
    3 big AH-HA’s and life-lessons I learned while running the 2016 Boston Marathon
    The art of pursuing excellence instead perfection while keeping your standards high



    Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.






    I am proud to be an educator and consultant for Beautycounter, a B-Corp company on a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone.   The lack of regulation in the personal care and cosmetic industry is astounding and it is harming our health in very serious ways. We need more voices to join up on our mission. If you want to put your passion to purpose while being generously compensated, then I would love to start a conversation with you about what it means to be involved in the #saferbeauty tribe that is Beautycounter.


    Join the movement of #betterbeauty and message me via email to make your voice really resonate for a cause.





    Knowing when to know what really matters.

    Self-reflection and journaling to determine whether your goal is pure or prideful

    How to recover from a desire to prove yourself

    Making sure you understand the why behind why you want to do what you want to do

    Having the wisdom to know when your timeline for a goal needs to be extended or when you need to stick to it





    Training for past four months was on point – I was prepared to slash my PR
    Race recap – sardines, 8 miles of walking day prior, 500,000 spectators, pain at mile 12, hills

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    Fluoride in Drinking Water...Good Idea or Bad Business?

    in Health

    500 million TONS of Fluoride are dumped into America's water supply every single year.

    Want to know where it comes from?

    Are there any other countries that allow chemicals to be added into their drinking water?

    Who benefits from this activity?

    Checkout Fluoridegate.com and Flouridealert.org for more information.

    Find out more on our Goals Heal and Success show next week!

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    Listen to our goals while enjoying a great show and great music......

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    Envy: How it can make you realize your dreams and goals

    in Lifestyle

    Envy as it is often known to have a negative interpretation and something to avoid especially by the Christian Religion. Bible says in Proverbs 14:30: A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh but envy makes the bone rot. Is there a way we can embrace envy and use it to our advantage, to identify our dreams, and goals? We will break this down with my guest, Dr. Josh Gressel, a clinical phsychologist.


    Listen online www.gfemspeaks.com // over your phone:347-989-1700. 6pm ET. Follow on IG/Facebook: gfemspeaks 



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    Elizabeth McCourt Clarifying your talents and goals to attain elite performance

    in Business

    Elizabeth is an executive coach and consultant who helps leaders and teams clarify their talents and goals, leading them to elite performance. Her approach is both direct and thought-provoking for people looking to execute both their personal and professional goals. If elite athletes have coaches to improve their performance, why not take this approach to business?

    Elizabeth McCourt
    Dynamic Coaching and Consulting firm specializing in high-achieving individuals and companies for leadership coaching, consulting and speaking engagements. 

    Strategies Radio
    Brian A Cohen Host

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    in Sports

    Jude "King Zar" Franklin joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to give the details on his next fight and talk about his last win which was another impressive knockout.Franklin breaks down his career goals and what he feels his style of boxing will bring him in his career as far as opportunities inside and outside of the ring.We also get Jude's thoughts on Canelo vs Khan and Thurman vs Porter.

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