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    The Top 10 Reasons Days of Our Lives Got Renewed!

    in Entertainment

    And the Top 10 Reasons Days of Our Lives Got Renewed are ...!

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    David Justin/ Cris Macht from The Walkers Among Us

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    Cris Macht from The Walkers Among Us will be here to talk about this project.

    Cris Macht http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5277601/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

    A graduate from Columbia College, Cris started his entertainment career in the Music Business as a talent buyer and production manager. He also had the opportunity to work for the NHL during the Stanley Cup in 2012. His 1st 2 documentaries focus on his passion and love of Star Wars. He also has a deep love and for music and baseball.

    Guest: Cris Macht

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    The Hawk And Nutrimedical Report

    in Current Events

    The Hawk, Dr. William Deagle, Tim Alexander And Cris Harris Are Your Guest Speakers In The Digital Sandbox Tonight.

    Robert Will Be Take Calls And Be In The Chat Room Also.

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    Altar of Tziyon

    in The Bible

    Every Saturday night join Rinnah Yisrael Bat Yah (Donna W. Dixon) of Moriyah's Way Min. and Nava Michaels of House of Sarah, and Lolita Todd of Repairing the Breach Ministries Int’l, dechiper words and share their thoughts concerning..... HaShems Transforming Presence in His People by Torah, and Experience.

    We'd like you to join us along with our special guest, Achoti Cheryl Lewis and Shannon Szatkowski of "Hey Did You Know Radio", as we present the history of the holiday Easter, by and in Historical content. And asking some important questions? Such as......
    Is it in the Tanakh/Bible??
    Does Jeremiah 44 have anything to do with this history.
    What Religion started this worship?
    Whats it's foundation? How did it start and how did it end up in the Church?
    Does this holiday have anything to do with the Messiah?
    Whats the rabbit and eggs all about???
    Ha'Shem say the same,,,,, See ya soon!!! Shalom Aleichem.


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    Last Call Ep. 24

    in Politics Conservative

    The writters get together at the end of each week to discuss the stories posted to tavernkeepers.com Live at 8pm est.


    Possible topics for tonight's panel discussion include:

    New revelations in the neverending debacle that is Obamacare.
    The effect of NSA spying on online consumer activity
    Mozilla resignations and the gay mafia (Bill Mahr's words not ours)
    The problem with gun-free-zones
    The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States
    Turkey's most recent election
    Handing out morning after pills to minors without parental consent
    Mahmoud Abbas and his surprise UN move

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The End Of Sex

    in Politics Conservative

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....Oh, it's just the “ Oscars” and the ification of America.  But is that true sex?  Not as God ordained it, it isn't; And Obama illegally and unconstitutionally re-writes ObamaCare again as part of the Left's ongoing war against the bleak economic reality they have wrought.

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    VOC Nation Comedy: Weekend Funhouse with AK

    in Comedy

    Los Angeles comedian AK brings you opinions that are are sure to offend the masses.

    Movies, television, topical headlines, and sports, all with a comedic slant that will leave you in stitches for hours.

    Follow AK on Twitter @akfunhouse

    Follow VOC Nation Radio @vocnation

    Call The Funhouse or any VOC Nation Radio Show live, toll free at 855-VOC-RADIO (855-862-7234).

    About VOC Nation:

    The VOC Nation Radio Network traces its roots back to 2009 in suburban Philadelphia.  Bruce Wirt took over the afternoon shift on the Voice America Health and Wellness Network and proclaimed himself, “your new ‘Voice of Choice’ in afternoon radio.”  The V-O-C in VOC Nation was born.

    The VOC Nation Radio Network spun away from WNJC in October 2012 and took to the “cloud”, using their solid fan base to instantly become one of the most listened to mediums on the Internet.  VOC Nation features live programming 6 days a week, and has featured top guests in multiple genres:  Lou Ferrigno, Hulk Hogan, Roberta Flack, Jesse Ventura, Kristy Swanson, and countless other athletes and entertainers have appeared in the VOC Nation Radio Network, eliciting media coverage from both printed and Internet press.

    VOC Nation Radio has forged partnerships with BlogTalkRadio, Stitcher Internet Radio, Podomatic, iTunes, and GoDaddy to bring daily live entertainment and downloadable podcasts to over 40,000 listeners monthly on VOCnation.com.  VOC Nation is closing in on 100,000 twitter followers and has consistently ranked in the top 1% of podcasts worldwide as ranked by Podomatic. 

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    Oakland Raider Insightful Player Usama Young

    in Business

    The Total Tutor will interview Insightful Player, and Oakland Raider Usama Young. He will discuss his faith and what it means to be an Insightful Player.

    Born in 1985. Drafted in 2007. Selfless, with a heart to give. Leader off and on the field.

    Usama Young at a Glance:

    Oakland Raiders (2013–present)?Young signed with the Oakland Raiders on April 9, 2013.?Cleveland Browns (2011–2012)?On July 28, 2011, Young signed as a free agent with the Cleveland Browns. In the 2011 season, Young played all 16 games and started 8 games.?New Orleans Saints (2007–2010)?Selected in the third round as the 66th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, Young signed with the New Orleans Saints on June 11, 2007 with a three-year contract. Young won the Super Bowl XLIV title with the Saints after the 2009 season.?College Career?Young was regarded as one of the top defensive prospects to emerge from Kent State in the last three decades. A three-year starter, his collegiate career totals include starting 37 of 45 games, with 198 tackles (129 solo), three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, nine interceptions with 21 yards in returns, 21 pass defenses and a blocked kick.?Early Years?Usama was born in the North East section of Washington D.C. to Dr. Khaula Murtadha and Leroi A. Young. Usama is the youngest son of their four boys.

    For more info on Usama Young, and the SimplyG Media Network, please visit:



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    What Is A Christian?

    in Religion

    Let's talk about the definition of a Christian. Are we defined by it or do we define it?

    This episode includes a prophetic word for an unknown listener.

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    Red Letter Edition - LIVE! Leaven - 3 Days & 3 Nights? - Do the Math!

    in Religion

    Our flagship radio show, Red Letter Edition - LIVE! is constantly challenging listeners to verify their traditions and beliefs. Logic and intellectual honesty are not ignored; rather, these characteristics are encouraged in Don's theological presentations and discussions with guests.  Red Letter Edition - LIVE! is an open forum, call-in show, with a chat room that's always alive with questions and discussions. Join us in the ThINKer's chat room:  http://www.thinkredink.tv/indexx.htm

    During the week look for Red Letter Edition - WEEKDAYS! Don't miss this profound and uplifting hour on radio.

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents Ayanna Witter-Johnson. Debuts' Black Panther - EP

    in Entertainment

    Ayanna is an English folk and soul singer, songwriter and cellist who has been nominated for a 2012 MOBO Award. A performer of extraordinary versatility, her live shows are intimate journeys that chronicle her experience as a woman in the 21st century.

    In 2011 Ayanna released ‘Truthfully’ – an EP produced by 4hero’s Marc Mac and 2013 will see the release of a full album of original work produced by Adem.

    She has worked with a plethora of UK and international artists including Kronos Quartet, Dutch trumpeter Diederik Rijpstra, Chinese folk artist Xiao Juen, Australian Indigenous musical force Black Arm Band, UK saxophonists Courtney Pine and Jason Yarde, guitarist Nitin Sawhney and singer-songwriters Gwyneth Herbert, Nick Mulvey and Boo Hewerdine. In 2011 she performed in Jazz Voice, the London Jazz Festival’s opening night gala, alongside Michelle Dockerty, Gregory Porter, Ian Shaw, Lucinda Belle, Shingai Shoniwa and the London Jazz Festival Orchestra conducted by Guy Barker. She has also played opposite sensational Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca, Jack DeJohnette and Sibongile Khumalo’s project Intercontinental and the legendary South African trumpeter and activist Hugh Masekela. 

    A recipient of many awards and prizes, Ayanna is the first non-American to win the legendary Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and is one of only a handful of people to win with an original composition. This year, she received a Musicians Benevolent Fund Special Commendation Award, is a PRSF Women Make Music Award and is also a featured composer on the London Symphony Orchestra’s Soundhub scheme 2012-13.

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    Mostly fruit and a little nuts lucky Shannon Stepping up

    in Spirituality

    My name is Shannon and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic.  I am a mother of two beautiful young ladies, a business owner, a community activist, a student and a public speaker, just to scratch the surface. However, none of these things would ever have been possible though without God, honest surrender and a twelve step program. I have been attempting recovery for 9 years. However, I have over 4 years truly sober. I was not one of the ones who got it the first time.  I had to beat myself over the head with a brick about six times before my miracle happened.  Even in those low times, I learned something.  I learned that I was increasingly getting sick and tired of the cycle.  For me, rock bottom was not just the end of an old way of thinking and behaving as much as it was the foundation for a new beginning. It was a new way of life and a change in my thinking, because at the core of my alcoholism and addictions is the manner in which I think.

     Out with the old…In with the new. 


    It seemed like it took me forever to get through the twelve steps the first time. I resisted and kicked and screamed and only seemed to get lower.  Then, one day, I stopped resisting and started accepting.  I needed a complete overhaul.  For me, understanding something is required to fully change it.  I needed therapy and introspection to find the reason for such negative and destructive thinking before I, personally, could even begin to accept it. That is where the healing began. Now, I go through the steps daily partnered with a healthy and very conscious contact with God.  They have given me a suggested outline, step by step instructions, if you will, on how to cope with life while my Higher Power fills the void I once tried to fill with substances. Accepting what is and going along with the flow rather than against the current is how I am rolling today. 

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