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    Movies to Make You Think: My European Dream

    in Film

    What would you do if you’re a film maker and everything is fine at first and suddenly things begin to take a turn for the worst!  What would you do if you’re attacked, would you stay and continue the trip?  Now, this move is not for sensitive viewer and you must be over 18 to view.   This movie at first seems light  hearted and fun, but make sure you watch the film all the way through before you pick up the phone.  Tune in for Movies to Love Indie films for a deep discussion of Sorgoi Prakov film. You don’t want to miss this!  Sunday at 6:30 pm.

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    Movies to Make You Think: Menace II Society

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    What do you do when all is what you see in a neighborhood that traps you? Your parents have issues; you have to go live with your grandparents.  Life for Kaydee seems to just disappear right before his eyes.  Under suspicions for just being who you are, what is life really going to be like for you? Does it really make you think?  Tune in for Movies to Love for a discussion on Menace II Society Sunday at 6:30pm.  Let’s go Deep this month.

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    Movies Today

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    Premiere of Sitting Around Talking Movies

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    In this premiere episode New York film ciritics Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli discuss what's going on at the movies this week. In particular the focus is on "Rikki and the Flash" and its star Meryl Streep. Other subjects include Amy Schumer and her film "Trainwreck" as well as new movies avialable On Demand.

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    Sitting Around Talking Movies - the Sixth-tastic Episode

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    In the sixth episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli talk about new movies on demand such as "Love and Mercy," Time Out of Mind" and "Cooties." Bill Bregoli and Bill McCuddy tell stories about meeting the real Brian Wilson and wonder aloud if Richard Gere is the most stylish homeless man in the movies. The guys also talk about The Late Show with Stephen Colbert which may only be a week old but that doesn't stop them from giving a progress report. Oh, and there's a brief appearance by Kai the Social Media Guy who somehow managed to squeeze into our tiny studio.

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    Bad Moon Rising: Bad Horror Movies

    in Entertainment

    On tonights show, we will discuss bad horror movies!  Some of them are just bad.  Some are so bad that they are good and actually fun to watch.  Some horror movies are expected to be good because of the names attached and they still turn out bad!  Then, there are some that are just expected to be bad but turn out to be the hidden gem of horror movies!  Join us as we discuss Bad Horror Movies!

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    The Best Movies of the Year Lists

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    We're going to give you our Best Movies of the Year lists, and run through all the movies you have to make sure don't slip by you. We'll take you through the films we loved most, a lot of honorable mentions, and let you in on why our lists aren't likely to look like everyone else's.

    Along the way we'll make sure you know which of these films are going to make it on your own list as well, and we'll probably be forced to talk about the Oscars.

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    2009-2010 movies

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    going on best movie to worst movie on 2009 and what to look foward to in 2010 and what are some big blockbusters

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    Hollywood Movies: Their Changing Nature

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    Award-winning author/screenwriter/playwright Bill Mesce drops by to discuss his book, Reel Change: The Changing Nature of Hollywood, Hollywood Movies and the People Who Go To See Them. Mesce’s other books about movies include Overkill: The Rise and Fall of Thriller Cinema, Peckinpah’s Women: A Reappraisal of Portrayal of Women in the Period Westerns of Sam Peckinpah, and Idols, Icons, Illusions: The Movies We Love and Love To Hate and the People Who Made Them. His screenwriting credits include Road Ends, starring Dennis Hopper, and uncredited work on Brian De Palma’s political thriller Blow Out. What are the most important changes that happened to Hollywood movies? Why can’t an Oscar winner look more like a hit? What makes a Classic movie classic? How did blockbuster films ruin Hollywood? Who was the world’s first screenwriter? What accounts for the disappearing movie private eye? Listen in and find out.

    Among Mesce's other books are The Advocate, an acclaimed World War II drama, and Inside the Rise of HBO: A Personal History of the Company That Transformed Television. Mesce spent 27 years working in various capacities in the Corporate Communications area of Home Box Office (HBO). He currently serves as an adjunct instructor at several colleges and universities in New Jersey.  

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    Matt Damon, Ridley Scott and Jessica Chastain Talk About Movies and Mars.

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    In this episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli are joined by Justine Browning as they talk about the new Ridley Scott space adventure "The Martian." And speaking of "The Martian" Bill bregoli has clips of Matt Damon, RIdley Scott and Jessica Chastain talking about making the film. Justine gives her view of "The Walk" and we also talk about new DVD and Blu Ray releases "Spy" and "Entourage." And we also talk about the new On Demand films "Manhattan Romance" and "The Connection." And just for good measure we wonder about the future of movie theaters in this age of flat-screens and cell phones.

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    DeNiro Speaks! on Sitting Around Talking Movies - oh, and Anne Hathaway too

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    On this episode of Sitting Around Talking Movies Niel Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli talk about the new Robert DeNiro - Anne Hathaway comedy "The Intern" and Bill Bregoli has interview clips from both stars. And the guys talk about what's it's like to interview DeNiro (not easy) and they ask why people hate Anne Hathaway. The guys also talk about "Ashby" and a documentary about designer Yves St. Laurent. And speaking of documentaries, they discuss "Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead," the new film about the National Lampoon and Bill Bregoli tells how he actually got published in the magazine.