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    V8 S Series Live

    in Automotive

    Would you rather talk about your truck than watch grown men play grab ass?  You've come to the right place. Listen in as we take your calls and discuss various topics. Remember to hit that #1 button to talk.

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    What If: The Series

    in Environment

    Kevin Bonine
    Director of Education, Biosphere 2, University of Arizona

    What if science could help us prepare for a better future? What if we could make food production more efficient? What if we all learned how to repurpose food waste? What if we could understand the building blocks of our universe? What if we could learn about all of the above by taking a trip to Biosphere2 - a must see wonder of the world where science lives?

    Join us to learn about Biosphere’s exciting What If series as well as their amazing Summer Science Academy that will be here before you know it. My thoughts? What if learning could be fun? And so it shall be! This show sponsored by Biosphere2, University of Arizona.

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    MLB World Series Champion and Musician Brett Myers

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Rico Racosky will interview MLB World Series Champion and Musician Brett Myers.

    Brett Myers is an American former professional baseball pitcher. He played in Major League Baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies, Houston Astros, Chicago White Sox, and Cleveland Indians

    After 11 seasons playing Major League Baseball, 

    Brett Myers retired to his Florida hometown to be with his family. What baseball fans didn't realize, is for years Myers had been playing guitar and writing songs in the off season. From the time he was a young boy, Myers always had a love for country, classic and hard rock. However, with his rigorous baseball schedule, he never had a chance to pursue  songwriting in a serious manner. One day while playing golf, he shared some ideas with his musician friend and producer Damien Starkey (Puddle of Mudd, Burn Season), who was blown away by his clever concepts. The two began collaborating and crafting songs in Starkey's studio. Before long, it was undeniable that they had a great chemistry and  the songs to prove it. The result is Myers debut EP album "Backwoods Rebel." A perfect blend of Southern Rock and Country with witty lyrics about drinking and life in the woods. The first single "Kegerator", was leaked on the nationally syndicated radio show "Lex and Terry" , and received huge acclaim from both the hosts and the call in listeners. If this response is any indication, "Backwoods Rebel" will surely resonate well with country and rock fans alike. 

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    2015 World Series preview

    in Sports

    In a joint production of Sportsology Radio and The FDH Lounge, the 2015 World Series is previewed.

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    V8 S Series Live... All AboutTransmissions

    in Automotive

    Special guests tonight include Lonnie Diers from www.ExtremeAutomatics.com and Gregory Chomos from www.rrtorqueconverters.com. Tonight they will be talking transmissions.  What makes them the best in the business?  What sets them apart from the other guys. What kind of transmission fluid should you use?  What kind of transmission should you buy?.......They will also be answering your questions as we take your calls.

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    The 2015 World Series Podcast

    in Baseball

    Join your host Tim Gross as we talk about the new Phillies GM Matt Klentak and the 2015 MLB Playoffs and World Series.

  • The World Series starts tonight

    in Sports

    The first pitch of the World Series is just a few hours away and Dan the Man will be very excited. Can The Big Jack keep him reigned in on this edition of Sports Time Radio. They'll do there best to get to all the sports that you and your friends love to talk about, but with the World Series here it may be tough to do as you know they;re both big baseball guys. 

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    The World or Christ Part Five of a Series

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Life From All Sides.  This show is about life from every angle.  Every week the topic changes and so do we.   

    Today's show is about the world’s views versus the Bible’s view.  The world lives by a certain set of standards and Christians are supposed to live by a different set of values. 

    This is part 5 of a series on this topic.

    We will continue to examine scripture and compare it to the values that are not based in religion. There is a real difference.

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    V8 S Series Live call in show

    in Automotive

    No planned subject for tonight so we'll be taking your calls and finding out about what you have going on in your neck of the wood

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    2015 World Series Rewind and Review

    in Sports

    Tonight we welcome John Pielli of Baseball Essential and Passed Ball to talk about his final thoughts on the World Series between the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals. Are the Royals poised to become baseball's new dynasty? Do the Mets really have a bright future ahead? We will discuss. Join us for this last basball talk before the Hot Stove heats up. 

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    The Archangel Series - Archangel Sandalphon pt 2

    in Spirituality

    Archangel Sandalphon comes to us as soft as a breeze...pay attention, you are being gently guided. An Angel Heart Radio production of THE ARCHANGEL SERIES with 3 Hosts from 3 countries, Anayah, Leesa, and Ros focus specifically on the 15 Archangels, their roles, and how you can connect and work with them effectively in your everyday life, and your everyday needs.

    Then, every 2nd week Anayah Joi Holilly Advanced Angel Intuitive, author & voice for the angels, Leesa Ellis - Angel specialist & intuitive & Ros Place  author, angel communicator, & clairvoyant, bring you 'The Archangel Series'  to help you work with these magnificent angels on whatever your issue/need/situation may be, leading you through an invocation/prayer that that angel to help you personally connect and receive their loving guidance.

    You will find a wonderful series of programs on Angel Heart Radio, where we have been broadcasting for over 5 years, please come join us!

    **To listen to The Archangel Series uninterrupted (not split into parts) please go to Angel Heart Radio here on BlogtalkRadio. You will also find lots of other excellent shows on the same link 


    Please note, no chat room or callers as this is an already-recorded show   

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