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    The One year Anniversary Show

    in Self Help

    One Year!, 24 shows!, 25 guest!, and over 1200 listens! later-- Its time to celebrate. Join us on October 21at at 1:00 pm LIVE with some of my best shows, and guest. There will be special celebrity guest, entertainment and Freebies. Join us for the fun!

    The Life Coach Show is a show about connecting with Coaches and Empowering the Audience.  As of today, the show has had over1200 listeners and has covered topics on Money, Relationships and Dating, Goal Setting and much more.

    The Life Coach Radio Show has interviewed prominent local and international coaches from Canada and Australia including:

    * Publisher, Anita Sechesky

    * Speaker, Andrea Ivanka

    * Coach and Author, Sandra Dawes

    * Marketing Coach, Cheryl Rankin

    * Money Strategist, Christina Cirka

    * Millionaire Mindset Mentor and Author, Sandy Forster

    And Much More


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    It's Real Talk Radio 2 Year Anniversary

    in Podcasting

    Wow it's official "Its Real Talk Radio" has been on the air for 2 years strong and we have not let up yet. We can take it a step further and say we're better than ever as far as our content and knowing who we are. That's right, tonight we celebrate our 2 year anniversary of being on air bringing our listeners (you guys) a weekly show faithfully. It's been a long 2 years filled with ups and downs. We've learned a lot and are wiser adults because of this show.

    We'll be remenicing on past shows while discussing plans for future shows and where plan on taking the movement. Big shotout to all of our listeners and supporters because we woudn't be where we are right now if it wasn't for you and we promise to not change and continue to give you what you come to us for. Unpredictable, debatable, hilarious, epic discussions with great guest appearances.

    It's going down 9PM ET! Make sure you don't miss history. 2 years & counting!!!




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    Randomness with Eddie: 2 Year Anniversary Show

    in Entertainment

    Just doing this show because I have reached my 2 year peek for being a solo host. 

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    Celebrating Our 1st Year Anniversary, And We're Still Standing!!!

    in Christianity

    Wow, as I'm thinking about this show I'm thinking about how it's our one year anniversary show. Yes that's what I said, one year that "The Man In The Mirror" has been on.  Our first show aired October 17, 2014, it was an interesting show, I was a novice, but I did it.  My mentor C Maria Wall has been there helping me behind the scenes each time.  By our 5th Show my now Co-Host Nichelle Johnson was being interviewed and people liked her, so guess what, we made her a regular as she join our network.  And here we are celebrating 26 shows with more to come.  We've had our ups and downs, but we kept pushing.  

    I've made it a commitment to learn something from each guest and from each show that the Lord allowed us to do and air.  Again I'm thanking you guys who's listened and supported and have spread the word about Hezekiah L. Montgomery and The Man In The Mirror.  All of our guest have been special to us and have become part of us.  

    So Join me Hezekiah L. Montgomery, and again my lovely Co-Host Nichelle Johnson as we celebrate one year on air with The Man In The Mirror.  Call in share with us your favorite story, or just share with us, we're here.  We want you to celebrate with us and we'll celebrate with you.  


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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast's One Year Anniversary Special w George Turner - 9/2

    in Paranormal

    With GREAT honor, it's time to present Bill Bachman's ONE YEAR anniversary in Internet Radio Broadcasting Special LIVE tonight with very special guest George Turner!

    Over the last year, Bill has had the opportunity to sit and talk to many people within the Paranormal, Pop-Culture and Film industries, it's been one hell of a ride! The staff at Incubi Incarnate Broadcast Network are truly grateful for all of the wonderful people we have had the chance to work with and are truly thankful! So tonight, we raise a glass to all of you and our wonderful listeners. Words can not express how much we appreciate all you have done!

    Always remember......."Keep A Nightlight On!"

    George is a paranormal investigator/researcher and conducts lectures/workshops on paranormal topics. George is also the founder of the Kentucky Mountain Paranormal Society.
    George's interest in the paranormal began in 2001 after a series of unexplained events that was truly unnerving. His investigations and research has lead him to many other people who shared their experiences and introduced him to myths, legends and theories in the field that we call the PARANORMAL.

    Be sure to join the interactive chat room on www.incubiincarnate.com/iiblistenlive!

    Don't forget to get your tickets to Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015 before they sell out on www.MWP2015.com!

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    H.D.R. 2 Year Anniversary Celebration

    in Radio

    We are Celebrating 2 years of hard work from our staff and our supporters. Come share and Celebrate with us on this day. 


    This is Honey Drip Radio we have the hottest talk show in town, we have open mic for advertisements, poets, rappers, singers, businesses, speakers, talk shows and more!!! Come showcase your talent.

    Honey Drip Radio
    Mission: To talent that is showcased to the next level. We are a voice that reaches thousands. We are here to serve.
    We are here to bring people into a position where they can showcase their creativity of the arts.

    Vision: A platform for showcasing talent from all genres and networking in unity.

    Join us and tune into our shows:

    Tuesdays~HDR Live 8-10PM
    Wednesday~Real Reognize Real 7PM
    every other Wednesday
    Wednesday~Voices Between the Lines 7pm
    Thursday~Beast Queens Sanctuary of the Mind 7PM

    760-454-7054 *Press 1 to get into the call que 


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    Weekdays with Murph's 3 Year Anniversary!

    in Entertainment

    Hi listeners and welcome to a very special edition of Weekdays with Murph.  Today, we celebrate our 3 year anniversary.  Did I just really say that?!  Three years...wow.  I cannot believe we've gotten to this point, it seems like 5 minutes ago I was dialing in to the studio for the first time.  Anyway, we're welcoming back several past guests to update us on what they've been up to since we spoke with them.  As always, I have my lovely and talented co-host Emily with me, so let's get this party started!

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    HTTR 5th Year Anniversary Show

    in Current Events

    We are celebrating 5 years of Hot Topics Talk Radio! Where did the time go?

     We have had a  lot of fun times, sad times and some just, WOW, times! We have touched many lives with topics where some shows would not have touched at all. Our subject matter has ranged from the fight against domestic violence; the fight against human trafficking; the fight against social and judicial injustices; betterment of relationships and family. Through it all, HTTR has helped many through our mission statement and have provided quality programming to our listeners.

     Join us Wednesday, October 28,2015, at 8pm PST/11pm EST, To reflect on some of the greatest times we’ve shared with our listeners thus far. 

    We invite you to listen and comment by phone, by calling (646) 200-3148. Or listen online and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio. 

    *The Hot Topics Talk Radio Network is sponsored by Shades of Afrika (Corona and Long Beach), A&L Family Restaurant and SPMG Media. For more information regarding our sponsors, go to www.hottopicstalkradio.com/sponsors.  

  • The Wrestling Debate:Our 1 Year Anniversary Take 2

    in Wrestling

    1 year ago Billy and myself chose to bring our weekly podcast live and to The Nerd Port Network. Tonight we celebrate 1 year in style as we preview the biggest party of the summer which is Summerslam. We will be previewing that as well as NXT Brooklyn. If you want to call in and preview these mega events with us the number to call is 323-870-4022. Thank you for tuning in for the past year and please enjoy the show.

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    Dirty After Dark Episode #41 2 year anniversary of 924 Network

    in Romance

    924 Network proudly presents another episode of Dirty After Dark.. On this week's episode,

    We’re celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the 924 network.

    2 years and counting of  Rough Rugged & RAW radio


      PLUS we'll be dicussing my journey back from Dallas,Texas as well as long distance dating and what makes wifey/hubbie material.


    WE'll talk about that & much more..


    So stay tuned!!!


    Rough Rugged & Raw Rad

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    Idiots In A Box 15 year Anniversary Show

    in Entertainment

    15 year Anniversary Show 

    Since 2000 we are the worlds 1st and most comprehensive Talk Show dedicated to being IDIOTS. We talk about LIFE. Put on your Bathrobe, get your pudding and take your MEDS, We are about to do it again Thommy Noodlez & Chaos