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    Author Rob Roselli explains.



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    The 1950s

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    we look back at Disney in the 1950s (Note:this is a rerecording, old episode was deleted)

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    Dedicated to my new Granddaughter coming in January 2016

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    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records      Techstoryteller

    Peter Pan records

    Henny Penny

    The Little Red Hen

    Little Brave Sambo Parts 1 &2 edited and merged

    Dedicated to my new Granddaughter coming in January 2016

    (I cannot wait) 



     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Musical Nursey tales

    Peter Pan records

    2251 A Henny Penny

    Sung by Dick Edwards and Toby Deane

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    2251 B the Little Red Hen

    Sung by Dick Edwards and Toby Deane

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    2239 (A-B) Little Brave Sambo

    Narrated by John Bradford & Bobby Hookey

    With the Peter Pan Chorus and Orchestra

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    Peter Pan Records is a record label specializing in children's music. The label was introduced to the public in March 1948 The label was owned by the Synthetic Plastics Company of Newark, New Jersey until the 1970s.

    The label became one of the largest and most successful children's specialty record labels in America, manufacturing unique, quality Peter Pan enjoyed their greatest success as a children's label during the 1950s. Many of their most famous releases were issued on 78-RPM 7-inch records and on 45-RPM 7-inch records. Releases credited a variety of performers, including Dick Edwards with the Peter Pan Chorus and Orchestra, the Singers, The Peter Pan Players and variations on these titles.


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    FOI Series: Interview w/ Min. Don Muhammad, Minister of Boston Mosque #11

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    The Allah Team Radio presents: THE HISTORY OF THE FOI SERIES

    "An Interview with MIN. DON MUHAMMAD, on his travels as Minister of Boston Mosque #11 for the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan"

    In his late teens in Boston in the 1950s, Don Muhammad accepted Islam as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and worked closely with a young Minister Louis X (Farrakhan), Minister Malcolm X, and received direct personal instructions from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  

    Minister Don wore many hats during his sojourn in the Nation of Islam, while he maintained and nurtured a family of seven with his wife of now almost 50 years, Sister Shirley Muhammad. 

    In 1980, Brother Don was commissioned by the Honorable Minister Farrakhan to aid in the rebuilding of the Nation of Islam in Boston. Minister Don quickly went about the work of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the “resurrection of the dead”.   There was the establishment of a new mosque, prison programs, community outreach, the developing of ecumenical relationships, coalition building, economic development, community safety initiatives, and much more.  

    Under Minister Don's watch Muhammad's Mosque No. 11 has become a beacon of light in the Greater Boston area, and known throughout the nation of one of the most progressive mosques in the country.  

    On behalf of Muhammad's Mosque No. 11, Minister Don has received numerous proclamations, citations, awards, and recognition.  He's constantly sought after for general counsel, workshops and panel discussions dealing with various topics of concern.  

    Tune in for this powerful interview!

    with co-hosts Wakeel Allah and Randy Muhammad

    TUES. 11/17/15 at 9pm EST
    call in# 646-595-4289

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    Tab Hunter Confidential: Hollywood's All American Boy Had a Secret

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    Hollywood's All American Boy Had a Secret.  Hollywood legend Tab Hunter drops by The Nicholas Snow Show to discuss a Hollywood life lived in the closet, the subject of the new documentary, Tab Hunter Confidential.

    Throughout the 1950s, Tab Hunter reigned as Hollywood’s ultimate male heartthrob. In dozens of films - and in the pages of countless movie magazines – Tab’s astonishing looks and golden-boy sex appeal drove his fans to screaming, delirious frenzy, making him the prototype for all young matinee idols to come.  Bristling against being just another pretty face and wanting to be taken seriously, Tab was one of the few to be able to transcend pin-up boy status. He earned his stripes as an actor to become a major movie star and recording artist.  But throughout his years of stardom, Tab had a secret. Tab Hunter was gay, and spent his Hollywood years in a precarious closet that repeatedly threatened to implode and destroy him. Now, Tab’s dramatic, turbulent and ultimately inspiring life story has become an explosive documentary feature directed by Emmy award winning filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz.  The film has the unique advantage of exclusive, unprecedented access to Tab Hunter himself who shares first hand, for the first time, what it was like to be a studio manufactured movie star during the Golden Age of Hollywood and the consequences of being someone totally different from his studio manufactured image.

    This episode sponsored by Desert AIDS Project and Lulu California Bistro.

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    Best-selling Author Renee Rosen Visits 2nd Sunday Crime LIVE with Libby Hellmann

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    Renee Rosen is is the bestselling author of What The Lady Wants: A Novel of Marshall Field and the Gilded Age, Dollface: A Novel of the Roaring Twenties and Every Crooked Pot. Her newest release, White Collar Girl was published  November 3, 2015 from Penguin Random House, and it takes us deep into the tumultuous world of 1950s Chicago where a female journalist struggles with the heavy price of ambition.

    A graduate of American University in Washington DC, Renee now lives in Chicago where she has contributed to many magazines and newspapers, including Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Complete Woman, DAME,Publisher’s Weekly and several other now sadly defunct publications. She is currently working on a new novel about the Chicago blues and Chess Records coming from Penguin/Berkley fall 2016. (About which host Libby Hellmann is insanely jealous.) 

    Please join us for what's sure to be a lively and fun conversation at 6 PM CST, Sunday, November 8. Says Libby" "once I pick up a Renee Rosen book, I know I'm hooked until the last page... that's how good she is..." And I'm not alone. Visit her website www.reneerosen.com for more.

    Libby Fischer Hellmann is the award-wining atuhor of 12 "Compulsively Readable Thrillers" and hosts Second Sunday Crime. Find out more at libbyhellmann.com.

    This is a trademarked, copyrighted podcast solely owned  by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. http://www.authorsontheair.com. Like us at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair or send a Tweet to @authorsontheair.





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    FOI Series: NOI Pioneer and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Norman Thrasher Muhammad

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    The Allah Team Radio presents: “The History of the FOI Series”

    "An Interview with NOI Pioneer and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Bro. Norman (Thrasher) Muhammad"

    Norman Muhammad grew up in Detroit 1930's as the nephew of Jessie X Thrasher the FOI Drill Instructor under NOI Founders Master Fard Muhammad and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. 

    His early Detroit friendships included the likes of Malcolm X, Yusef Shah and his next door neighbor was Barry Gordy the future founder of Motown.

    In the 1950s Norman was part of the Doo Wop scene and managed and eventually joined Hank Ballard & the Midnighters who created the monster hit and dance craze "The Twist".

    In this interview, Mr. Muhammad will reveal the Nation of Islam and his relationship ties to Sam Cooke, Etta James, Nat King Cole, Joe Louis, Little Richard James Brown, Joe Tex and many others including Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali, as well as his becoming a Record Executive and charting the success of acts such as Barry White, Melba Moore and Ramsey Lewis…and much much more including his relationships with the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Imam W.D. Mohammed and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. 

    Norman Thrasher was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 alongside his fellow Muslim Brother and Midnighter Bro. Captain Abdul Bin-Asad (Lawson Smith) who became the Southern Regional Captain of the Nation of Islam in the 1960s/70s.

    Prepare to take a ride through memory lane with this Great Pioneer! Join us!

    with host Wakeel Allah

    THURS. 11/05/15 at 9pm EST
    call in# 646-595-4289


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    Oct. 27, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Valiant Thor with Researcher Adam Milat-Meyer

    in Paranormal

    Adam Milat-Meyer is an independent researcher who's been interested in human contact with aliens since he was a child growing up in Brooklyn during the 1970s and 80s.

    One of the stories that always moved him was the story and legend surrounding Valiant Thor. Valiant Thor looks human, but he has some key physiological differences. He is from Venus. He worked for the U.S. government for some time in the 1950s before leaving in his spaceship. Thor had level-1 security clearance in secret government projects. He helped build underground military bases and worked at the famed Area 51 base.

    But has he returned? Milat-Meyer suggests so. Valiant Thor is alive and well and you can find out about him and his crew by subscribing to the newsletter run by Julie Ann Stranges (Chair of NICUFO.org). If you are interested in subscribing, fill out the application here. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • Joyce Zeller, author of horror books, will intrigue you & take callers

    in Spirituality

     During my life I've been a wife and mother.  I've written a food column for a newspaper, designed sets for theatrical productions, and acted and directed some, served in the United States Women's Army Corps in the 1950s, when men and women were separated and we (us females) didn't have guns, worked in print production, became a professional perfumer, created the Arkansas Sesquicentennial Fragrance in 1986, and owned a fragrance retail shop for thirty years. I'm an aromatherapist and this knowledge of essential oils shows up in several of my books. In fact, I've used all these life experiences to create the plots for my books. I use my novels, in all genres, to express myself and share my knowledge.

    Her book: The Haunting of Aaron House

    Evil spirits, mystery, murder and mayhem, and bodily possession await documentary film producer Paul Barlowe, his wife Sam, and their teenage son Andy when they arrive in Lancaster County, PA, from Chicago, to shoot a film on local history. Sam becomes the victim of Amalie Broome, circa 1867, tormented by past mysteries and determined to destroy Phineas, her husband, whose ghost lives in the other side of the house. Amalie wants Andy, and take Sam’s life as her own. To do this she must destroy Sam by gradually inhabiting her body. Phineas tries to possess Paul in retaliation. For both Sam and Paul to survive they must enter a world where folklore, spells, Pow-Wow faith healers and witches are part of everyday life. Only the wisdom of an elderly seer will save them from destruction by the spirits that claim them.    



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    Time to Survive

    in Current Events

    In 1945, America unleashed the power of the atomic weapon on the soil of Japan. Its effects were devastating.  Fire from the sky, cities reduced to matchsticks, and an invisible poison that made its way through your body as easy as an x-ray. Once the world found out about this weapon. Everyone was intrigued. Every country wanted to have it. And when people begin to absorb what this weapon could do, People became obsessed about it.What if there were no Red Cross, no doctors flocked to the scene? What if it was more than one or two cities buteverywhere. Films were made, fiction and nonfiction.

    The civil defense emerge with their hardhats on, drills were implemented and every preparatory step was taken for a situation that was a matter of when not if. To the United States and Russia, and the rest of the world, nuclear war was inevitable. Get ready. Be prepared.

    That was the mindset of the 1950s into the 1960s. As we hit the 70s that feared dipped down some and then resurfaced again the 80s Angela brilliant, moment, when Ronald Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

    Then came the 1990s and the new millennium. The mindset was completely different. No one would connect the nuclear war to terrorism. And if they have the means for nuclear weapon, it was in the form of a dirty bomb. Movies likesSum of All Fears, mean the threat of a dirty bomb seem minuscule. That it was very very survivable. 

    This week Rob and Jackie discuss that very thing. Which decade was more prepared? Which decade was more likely to survive.
    Don't miss out on a fun and informative show. Collective Kate will be by with some interesting survival tidbits on growing food. Join us on the show and live in chat.