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    Wilmington on Fire: 1898 Massacre in Wilmington, NC by Christopher Everett

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    Welcome Christopher Everett filmmaker of "Wilmington on Fire" the1898 Massacre in Wilmington, NC. The feature length documentary will give a historical and present day look at the Wilmington Massacre and how the descendants of the victims of the event are asking for legal action in regards to compensation. The Massacre was a bloody attack on the African American community by a heavily armed white mob on November 10, 1898 in the port city of Wilmington, NC which left countless numbers of African American citizens dead. This event was the spring board for the white supremacy movement and Jim Crow throughout the state of North Caroina, and the American South. WATCH the trailer at www.youtu.be/9toV2-zDWkA

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    Bishop G E Patterson

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    Patterson was born to Bishop William Archie 'W. A.' (1898–1991) and Mary Louise Williams Patterson (1901–1981) in the parsonage next door to the Church of God in Christ in Humboldt, Tennessee and is the youngest of six children. Growing up on Orleans street in the Lauderdale Sub neighborhood of Memphis, he confessed Christ as his Savior at 11 years old at Holy Temple COGIC. Holy Temple COGIC was founded by his father. Later he moved with his family to Detroit, where his father pastored a second church New Jerusalem COGIC. He answered his call to ministry in 1956 while he was only 16 years old at New Jerusalem.

    Bishop J. S. Bailey ordained him in 1958 as an elder in the Church of God in Christ. In 1962, Patterson became co-pastor with his father at Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in Memphis. Patterson continued his pastorate in 1975 as the founder and pastor of Temple of Deliverance, the Cathedral of the Bountiful Blessings near downtown.

    Patterson founded the rapidly growing Bountiful Blessings Ministries (BBM) which is viewed internationally on The Word Network weekly, as well as on local TV stations throughout the nation.

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    Reducing Acne NATURALLY with "Nothing to Hide" by Jordan Austin ~ Entrepreneur

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    A Brand New Product in Skin Care! Fragrance Free & Sensitive Skin Safe! Natural & Organic based!

    ‘Nothing to Hide’ was made with the intent of treating our own personal skin problems.  After discovering how amazing it worked on our own skin, we then came up with the idea of starting a business. Thanks to a good group of friends we were able to test out the cream and get their feedback. Having such an effective product we are excited and honored to help as many people as possible with their problematic skin.

    ‘Plexy Laboratories LLC. is a company that was put together out of mishap and a little bit of pure genius. With our products we hope to make a difference in people’s lives. Our ingredients are of purest form meaning they are all natural and organic based. We set our standards high and are sure you will be pleased with the results. Your skin will say thank you!’

    To contact us here at Plexy Labs, please feel free to send us an email with any of your questions or comments at plexylabs.comments@gmail.com.   www.PlexyLabs.com  Please mention MindYourBodyandSpirit radio.

    Distributed by Plexy Laboratories LLC

    P.O. BOX 1898 • Benson, AZ 85602, U.S.A

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    Wilmington on Fire! an interview w/film director Christopher Everett

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    Many are aware of the Greenwood section of Tulsa, Oklahoma as that was called the Black Wall Street of it's time. From May 30 - June 1, 1921 that section of Tulsa went up in flames as a result of whites being intimidated by the success of blacks. As a result the white community came and burned Greenwood, Tulsa, OK down.  HOWEVER, before the massacre at Greenwood, there's a little known history of it's predecessor - the massacre at Wilmington, NC. 

    The Wilmington Massacre of 1898 or the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898, occurred in Wilmington, NC starting on November 10, 1898 into the following days; it is considered a turning point in North Carolina politics following Reconstruction. Journey with Tabitha Vinson as she interviews film director Christopher Everett as we discuss his documentary film Wilmington on Fire!


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    Old Time Radio Voices of Christmas Past 1898 to 1922

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    Before Television my family would watch the radio shows. Yes I said watch, we used our imagination. When TV came I missed the radio shows because the imagination was better than what was shown on TV.
    I hope you enjoy the shows like I did. Let your mind free to see what is on the show. You can see more with your mind than with your eyes.
    Voices of Christmas Past 1898 to 1922 for the first hour and 15 minutes.
    A sermon from the Crazy Old Man for the last 45 minutes.

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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

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    The Pan-African Journal is hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. We will continue our tribute to Paul Robeson (1898-1976).

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    ThomasNet.com: The Quiet Evolution of Dependable Certainty

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    Like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, there are some things you just take for granted without really giving it much conscious thought.

    For those of us who have been in the purchasing industry for more years than we would care to admit, we can recall the days of frayed catalogs with paperclips and scribbled upon post it notes marking pages like the rings of a tree marks time.  This was the world of a buyer when there was no Internet, and catalogs such as the Thomas Register were indispensable tools of our trade.

    So what happened to Thomas Register, a buying guide listing industrial products and services that was first published in 1898?

    With the same dependable certainty of day turning to night and night turning to day, the Thomas Register has become the quintessential web-based collaborative sourcing tool ThomasNet.com.

    Today I will be joined by Mark Holst-Knudsen, President of ThomasNet, and Tom Greco, Vice President, ThomasNet.com to talk about this seemingly quiet evolution of a great idea and how the company is positioned to serve yet another generation of procurement professionals.

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    Ep. 49 - The Mistake of '98 w/ Ron Schweiger

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    The Bedford & Sullivan podcast is back for its 49th episode! And today, we are LIVE from outside Citi Field! At Noon ET, we welcome back the Brooklyn Borough Historian, Mr. Ron Schweiger.

    Once upon a time, Brooklyn sat across the river from the City of New York as a healthy and ever-growing city of its own. Then, on New Years Day 1898, the City of Brooklyn, the County of the Bronx, Richmond County, Queens County and the City of New York merged to become what we now know as New York City. All the county governments voted unanimously to merge with the rest...except Brooklyn, which their city council passed by the smallest of margins. We will mostly talk about this consolidation today, or as many Brooklynites of the era called it, "The Mistake of '98."

    So, join us at 12PM ET for the latest edition of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast!

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    Conversation with Christopher Everett: Wilmington on Fire

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    A massacre kept secret for over 100 years. Now the truth will finally be revealed.

    THE FILM: Wilmington on Fire is a feature-length documentary that will give a historical and present day look at the Wilmington Massacre of 1898. The film features interviews from historians, authors, activists and descendants of the victims of the Wilmington Massacre of 1898.

    THE HISTORY: The Wilmington Massacre of 1898 was a bloody attack on the African-American community by a heavily armed white mob with the support of the North Carolina Democratic Party on November 10, 1898 in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is considered one of the only successful examples of a violent overthrow of an existing government (coup d'etat) and left countless numbers of African-American citizens dead and exiled from the city. This event was the spring board for the white supremacy movement and Jim Crow Segregation throughout the state of North Carolina, and the American South. This incident is barely mentioned and has been omitted from most history books. It was not until 2006, after the North Carolina General Assembly published a report on it, that the tragedy became known to the public.

    ABOUT THE DIRECTOR: Christopher Everett is an actor, writer, director and producer. He has a degree in Graphic Design from King's College in Charlotte, NC. He recently finished his first documentary short entitled "The Laurinburg Institute Est. 1904" on a historic African-American Boarding & Day School in his hometown of Laurinburg, NC. Christopher has also starred in many commercials throughout the south east and indie films such as the award-winning narrative short “On My Last Breath”.

    Teaser Trailer & Preview Trailer

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    WILMINGTON ON FIRE - A Chat w/ Christopher Everett

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    Wilmington on Fire is a documentary regarding a race riot - act of white terrorism - which destroyed the black community of Wilmington, North Carolina.

    Occurring in 1898 - just after Reconstruction - the race riot destabilized the black community and essentially allowed the whites to maintain an iron grip.

    Christopher Everett has directed the documentary - Wilmington on Fire - to chronicle the tragedy and its aftermath...an overlooked eyesore of American history.  The Wilmington tragedy is particularly stirring because the town was essentially a black mecca and was...conquered by white supremacists.  

    Everett's documentary features several activists, historians, and civic leaders...among them is internationally renowned Dr. Claude Anderson, the author of Powernomics.  Through his tireless research, Dr. Anderson has always maintained that white supremacy flourished to the economic detriment of Black Americans.

    Wilmington on Fire is a major documentary and shouldn't be missed. The aftermath of the race riot has had a lasting impact in not just North Carolina, but the entire country.








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    Ep. 30 - Official MLB Historian John Thorn

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    We have turned 30 here at the Bedford & Sullivan Podcast, much in the thick of the Brooklyn Dodgers TV Series research process! And today, we have a very special guest whose vast knowledge of America's Game will certainly help the process along.

    John Thorn has been the official baseball historian for Major League Baseball since March 1, 2011. On this episode, we will discuss his baseball roots and his earliest baseball memories, the roots of Brooklyn baseball dating back to 1845, and what continues to make feelings raw between the Borough of Churches and Manhattan, over a century after Brooklyn ceased to be it's own city in the merger of 1898.

    So, tune in at 6:30PM ET for the latest edition of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast!

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