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    Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 60

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    In the "You should all feel bad for telling Jon Rauch to kill himself on twitter" edition, Rob and Jeffrey wrap up our 2014 preview with the bullpen, which we are not excited about (the preview that is, but also, probably the bullpen). So that leaves plenty of time to discuss the fifth starter situation, just how many first basemen the Mets are going to carry, and to check in on our sister podcast, Shortstop Avenue. We wrap up with some college baseball talk, a couple of e-mails, and the beginning of a triumphant winning streak at Mets trivia.

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    Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 59

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    In the "[redacted] is the only Met to wear #59" edition. Rob and Jeffrey (and Chris and Marc Carig) preview the 2014 Mets rotation. Will Jon Niese every be healthy and above-average at the same time? How fat can Bartolo Colon get? Do we have anything to say about Dillon Gee? Who exactly is going to be the Mets fifth starter? (Jeffrey makes a sad face) All these questions will at least be discussed. Plus, we debut the Shortstop Avenue Audio jingle, because of course we have shortstop e-mails to answer, and Jeffrey and Rob completely forget to do Mets trivia, which means Jeffrey doesn't get Mets trivia wrong.

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    Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 58

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    In the "Jenrry Mejia's hair deserves its own edition" edition, Rob and Jeffrey talk about Jenrry Mejia's hair, natch'. We also preview the 2014 Mets infield, which mostly devolves into a discussion of David Wright's future Hall of Fame case. Chris McShane helps out too, sitting down with Mike Vorkunov of the Star-Ledger to see where the Mets shortstop and first base situation currently stand. Then we continue our NL East preview with the Atlanta Braves, and Talking Chop's Ben Duronio. It's a cast of thousands on Amazin' Avenue Audio! Finally, we wrap up with your e-mails, and Jeffrey's most recent failure at Mets Trivia.

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    Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 56

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    In the "It would be convenient if they gave #56 to an interesting prospect this Spring, but I forgot that it's Scott Rice's number" edition. Rob and Jeffrey finally sit down to talk about the Amazin' Avenue Top 25 Mets prospect list, but first they spend ten minutes talking about the 2008 Mets bullpen for some reason. #blameAyala. We also answer your e-mails about...shortstops...again.

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    Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 57

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    In the "Tonight, Boss" edition, Rob and Jeffrey share their Santana no-hitter stories before launching into the 2014 Mets preview with the triumphant return of Outfield Avenue Audio (yes, we know we said we'd start with the infield, but we rarely stick to plans). Jeffrey says mean things about Eric Young despite his plans to only say nice things about Eric Young. Meanwhile, Rob is bullish on Curtis Granderson. Then, Liz Roscher of The Good Phight joins the show and has to put up with Jeffrey's merciless trolling of the Phillies offseason. Finally, we wrap up with your e-mail (singular) about playing for 2014, and whether Terry Collins can get the extra 2% out of the Mets. We hope Jonah Keri appreciates the free plug. 

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    Episode 69: Outfield Avenue Audio, Murphy Avenue Audio, Alvarez Avenue Audio?

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    In the "PROTIP: You should always keep a tin of shoe polish in the dugout" edition, Rob and Jeffrey take on the #FreeLagares hashtag and wonder if Terry should be given the benefit of the doubt (ehhhhhh maybe?). We try to parcel out blame for the whole kerfluffle between the media, #MetsTwitter, Terry, and the FO (and of course, Carlos Beltran). Then we answer a boatload of e-mails covering everything from a Daniel Murphy trade (again), the Mets upcoming rotation crunch, the future of the bullpen, who's worth watching in Bingo, and least surprising of all, Dario Alvarez.

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    Episode 93: The AAA AAOP extravaganza

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    In "The Ballad of Anthony Young" edition, Jeffrey and Greg and Chris and Rob(!!!) all sit down to discuss their Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plans. Greg likes Michael Saunders, Jeffrey is banking of Aaron Hicks, Rob likes Cargo (shockednotshocked) and Chris opts to totally cheat. With that dispatched, we head to your e-mails on TRAIDS, guys vs. dudes, and a whole bunch of shortstops, complete with the debut of the promised 2014-15 update of Shortstop Avenue Audio. Finally, Jeffrey tries to have a topical pop culture discussion about "Too Many Cooks," but that goes nowhere.

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    Episode 92: Fire up the hot stove

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    In "The worst podcast money can buy" edition, Jeffrey and Greg officially kick off the offseason with a discussion of...uh...40-man moves. Okay, that's not so exciting. But we also have players not on the Mets getting qualifying offers! No? How about an appearance from Newsday's Marc Carig to discuss the Mets offseason plans and Kansas City BBQ? Better, warmer? Good. We also continue our road to the Amazin' Avenue 2015 prospect list with a discussion of our "guys" and answer your e-mails on the relative lack of success of expansion teams and Jose Ramirez. Finally, Jeffrey says a melancholy farewell to one of his earliest podcasting influences.

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    Fantasy Squads Radio -- Not Fake Fantasy Football Livecast -- Dec. 16th, 2014

    in Sports

    The Not Fake Fantasy Livecast Show will be LIVE on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. eastern (5:00 p.m. central).  For the Not Fake Fantasy Livecast Show, Host Logan Grubbs will recap the entire season, talk about what 2014 predictions went wrong, and how he finished in the top-175 out of 109K entrants in the Millionair Maker Tournament on Draft Kings this week.

    You can be part of the show and ask your questions by calling (347) 855-8714. If you'd rather tweet your question, use the #NotFakeFantasy hashtag on Twitter and send your questions to @NotFakeFantasy.

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    Episode 95: We're up all night with your e-mails

    in Baseball

    In the "The Mets shouldn't let Dallas Green anywhere near Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, or Zack Wheeler" edition, Jeffrey and Chris learn that it is very hard to be Steve Somers as they record their show during the overnight hours. Fortunately there isn't too much important news to talk about, unless you get really agitated about the Rule 5 draft (sheepishly raises hand). So we discuss the newest members of the Mets 40-man roster, who might get snagged at the end of the Winter Meetings, and then we answer a whole lot of e-mails while trying not to doze off facedown on our computers.

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    Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014

    in Religion

    Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014, Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014,Blessngs on this day. Sunday Service Nov. 16th 2014.....

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