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    Listen Give Live | Episode 112

    in Current Events

    Join Gail Davvis and Jaee Logan for LISTENGIVE and SAVOY Sound bites about music, arts, culture, society, youth, education and giving back.

    Join us with Special Guests Nicole Condit, Madeline Condit & Associates, LLC & Private Blog, Consultant for Small Businesses-Mother Extraordinaire-Traveler-Humanitarian discussing a humanitarian project, motherhood and supporting small businesses; and Harriet Shugharman, Executive Director, ClimateMama, discussing open topics of Youth, Education, Cultural Equity, Gender, Climate an more.

    Visit ListenGive.com to learn more information.  Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page LISTENGIVE.

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    Show #112: Creativity and Innovation Through Staff Engagement

    in Business

    Special Guest: Peter Totterdill, Researcher, Consultant and Policy Advocate for workplace innovation and Chief Executive of The UK Work Organisation Network

    Great organisations understand that a continual stream of ideas is a vital resource for improvement and innovation. Creativity is an everyday behaviour, with employees actively encouraged to contribute ways of improving the organisation through new products and business streams or better ways of working.

    Based on past experience of the value of knowledge-sharing, the Creative Workplace Group is being established as a small, closed network of inspiring organisations from different sectors. Each is committed to building creative, versatile and productive places to work, and to sharing experiences and problems with other members.

    The Creative Workplace Group will be facilitated by Professor Peter Totterdill, an international researcher, consultant, speaker, national and EU policy advisor and passionate advocate for better ways of working. Peter has been facilitating networks and stimulating creative discussions for most of his career, building bridges between academic knowledge and practice.

    Host: TBC

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    Benny Hinn - Is Benny Hinn A Wolf Tracker Now? Absolutely Not! (112)

    in Christianity

    Surprisingly, false prophet and seasoned wolf Benny Hinn came out swinging against fellow heretic and alpha wolf Joel Osteen.  Has Benny Hinn been converted to Christ?  Is Benny Hinn a WOLF TRACKER now?  Absolutely not!  Benny Hinn is just a wolf in "wolf tracker" clothing!  Tune in as Wolf Tracker explains why Benny Hinn went on a tirade against "Mr. Hope" Joel Osteen.

    Wolf Tracker heecordially invites Benny Hinn to be his special guest on this program.  Mr. Hinn can call in by dialing (347) 308-8221.  Wolf Tracker wants to give Mr. Hinn the opportunity to debunk everything he has to say!

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece gullible saints!  Please spread the word by telling others about this Christ-honoring, wolf-exposing, sheep-protecting internet radio program!

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    #112 – Dems Blame GOP For Train Wreck, Saudis Snub Obama, China Wants To Dump $

    in Politics Conservative

    Never let a tragedy go unexploited. That should be the DNC official slogan. As people were still being brought into the morgue from the Amtrak train wreck Democrat lawmakers were bleating in congress that it was the fault of the Republicans and not enough funding. Never mind that the train was going twice the speed limit on the curve at the time of the wreck. Meanwhile in what will be claimed as a rousing success half of the attendees at the big Gulf Summit at Camp David are no-shows. Finally Obama has let the dollar slide and debt rise to the point that the ChiComs want to dump the dollar as an international currency.

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    Reel to Real ~ The Man Who Would Be King, 1975

    in Movies

    Two British soldiers in India decide to resign from the Army and set themselves up as deities in Kafiristan--a land where no white man has set foot since Alexander.

    Director: John Huston Writers: John Huston (screenplay), Gladys Hill (screenplay)

    Stars: Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer

    Something fun (Connection/History/Reference)

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Gloria Hendry, Actress and Masters Hall of Fame Nominee

    in Sports

    Sunday May 24, 2015. 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. It's our SUNDAY BRUNCH SHOW!

    Born in Florida and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Gloria's first job was as an assistant to the legal secretary in the New York office of the NAACP. She also became a model around this time. This exposure led to her being cast in her first movie, For Love Of Ivy  (1968). In the 1970s, she became a popular star of actioner films such as Black Ceasar (1973) and Black Belt Jones (1974).  Gloria made history as the very first romantically involved African-American James Bond girl. The movie was Live and Let Die (1973).

    She has completed her first CD and also produced The Paul Robeson Story. 


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    FFN On The Air - Episode 112: "The Babble Has Begun" - April 30, 2015

    in Music

    Tonight, David and Jeff discuss why Value City Furniture commercials are so irritating.

    Music by Murp, Eliza Doering and The Penny Black & Son Little will be featured.

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    Reel to Real ~ Frequencies "OXV: The Manual", 2013

    in Movies

    Are human conditions, actions, relationships determined by fate, free will, or a combination of both? At any rate, if it we cannot control it - should we care?

    Director: Darren Paul Fisher Writer: Darren Paul Fisher Stars: Daniel Fraser, Eleanor Wyld, Owen Pugh

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    The Nikki Rich Show Talks with KnitWit Fox Empire Producer

    in Entertainment

    The Nikki Rich Show would like to Fox Empire  Producer KnitWit  Call in (323) 580-5749 Today on @NikkiRichShowla at 5:15 pm Pst/8:15 Est we look forward to having Empire Producer @knitwit619  is the first producer/Hip Hop artist from San Diego, Ca with the #1 album on the Billboard 200 Chart, the Original Empire Soundtrack Season 1.
    Knitwit’s Fox Empire TV Show music credits include the single, “Can’t Truss “Em” featured in episode 108 starring Yazz played by Hakeem Lyon, written and produced by Knitwit. In episode 112 of Empire, Knitwit’s single, “Shady” is performed vocally by himself and in the final episode of Empire, the popular rap battle between character Jamal Lyon and rap character Mr. Rambo you will find Knitwit at work again who wrote all lyrics for Mr. Rambo’s part in the battle.  #NorthHollywood #TheNikkiRichShow #Blogs #TVHost #Television  #thenikkirichshow #news #radiohost #google  #Yahoo  #NewYork #California #Bloggers #LosAngeles #Germany #fashion  #London #trends #Twitter #film

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    Trust the Lord Fully is the Only Way

    in Christianity

    Psalms 112 and  50:15

    Understanding the three truths of why we trust in God.  His love, His wisdom and His Sovereignity. 

    Satan is the one who works to undermine our trust in God.  Learning to know who  is who to stay away from things that pull us away from God.

    This is a lesson I did back in 2008 about securing ourselve in God and trusting Him completly.  There are three areas that we should secure ourselves in to trusting only God and not mortal people.


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    Episode 112: A happyish recap

    in Baseball

    In the "No-han" edition, we recap the one game the Mets have played so far this year. And it was good (mostly!). Jeffrey waxes about BARTYOLO, Greg picks out a pet for Wilmer Flores, and we consider the future of a Mets bullpen sans Jenrry Mejia. There is also an extra long Swedish soccer segment to help pad this out, because again, the Mets have only played one game. But hey, there is an extra long live show to look forward to this weeked at Foley's on West 33rd in Manhattan!