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    10 for 10 Network 06/13

    in Sports

    Join Jonny Showtime and Whiteboy Stew at 11 am central...THAT'S RIGHT....11 am. We have another JAMMED PACKED show to bring you this week. Give us a call at 347-857-1043 and talk with us about the NBA Finals, 2015 NFL Season, and some Gallatin Football. BEEEE TTTHHHEEEERRREEEE!!!!!!

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    10 for 10 Network based out of Nashville TN

    in Sports

    Ladies and Gents it's that time again. Join the Exciting....Explosive.....and that Cocky Attitude HOST...Jonny Showtime and his co-host Whiteboy Stew, and the 10 for 10's Secret Weapon, The Guru....Tommy B as they bring you some College Baseball, NFL, and NBA Finals talk. 10 am central......BE THERE!!!!!

    Don't forget to find us on Facebook at 10 for 10 Network or on Twitter @10for10network or give us a call 347-857-1043....Repppppping Middle TN!!!!!

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    SWU- Seduction in a Few Seconds

    in Education

    We all have heard about the 2 minute man or the man that claims he can go all night. Is two minutes long enough? Can you get enough in two minutes? Will you be satisfied with two whole minutes? Will two minutes make you happy? Do women NEED more than two minutes? Can you go all night (6-8 hrs)?  How much time do you need to fulfill your need to climax? What are you willing to do to satisfy you and your partner? Is it the touch or the mental that gets you there?

    Seduction In A Few Seconds

    Imagine if you will the one you love holding your hand

    Walking down the path of love. Whispering soft words of

    Endearment. Gentle kisses on your neck. Ummmm

    Slow caresses all over your body, massaging your back.

    Kissing down your stomach.  Licking all around your body.

    Feeling all that you posses. Lay down beside me feel my heart.

    Be one with me. Fill me with your love. Making slow passionate love

    To you. Pulling you closer. As our bodies intertwine experiencing all

    Your treasures, moving closer and closer to the point of extreme pleasure.

    Hot, sweaty, passionate love. Ummmm feel my soul meet yours. As we sway back and forth the look in your eyes scream of pleasure.

    Soft moans, quiet grunts, panting of your breath reaching closer to the

    Point of climax. UUUUUuuuh don’t move as the waves of over comes your body like a tidal wave. Wave after wave your body shakes uncontrollably

    Paralyzed by the touch of body touching you.

    Now baby lay back and say these words softly………………………..

    “I have been seduced”

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    10 for 10 Network 4/25

    in Sports

    10 for 10

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    10 for 10 Network 4/18

    in Sports

    Join Johnny Showtime, Razor Ramon, Whiteboy Stew, & Chuck the Deacon as we give you another one hour show jammed packed with all the latest stories in the sports world. Chuck is headin our NBA discussion with all the biggest stories as the regular season winds down, As always, we give you our SHOWTIME MOMENTS, followed by Nascar with Whiteboy Stew. We don't talk golf much, but spring is here so we have to give our views on the results of The Masters. Last segement is your weekly views of the world of the MLB.


    So dont miss out Saturday @ 10



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    10 for 10 4/11

    in Sports

    No Johnny this week so our boy Razor Ramon is gonna hold down the hosting duties this Saturday! As always he will be joined by Whiteboy Stew & Chuck The Deacon as co-host!! We are coming at you with our review of the Final Four and its conclusion..  We are coming at you with our everyweek segment "SHOWTIME MOMENT"!  We are coming down to the wire in the NHL & NBA seasons with MVP and conference races, so we will get you caught up on everything you need to know! Unlike those sports, MLB is finally underway with opening day this past sunday. We will catch you up on everything MLB & let you know who we feel good about this season. 




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    in Entertainment

    This has been a hectic week for news and I wanted to do something different this time around. This is the a official thrusday night edition of Offthecuffradio! This is a show where this time its all about you! We're gonna attempt tackle everything under the sun within this special edition and we want everybody to feel free to chime in!

    The main topics consist of agents amongst our community and how you can tell who's a traitor, a troll, or someone whom is trying to cause confliction instead of building, We're also gonna touch on Adrian Broner's Loss Saturday, Farrakhan's meeting with Hip Hop artists this past weekend, The SC shooting and what torture needs to be done to Dillan Roof and many other topics, Tune in Thursday!


     We're also gonna be dropping some heavy heatmakers along with the heavy commentary so if you're not doing anything Thursday, Grab a blunt, grab a beer, grab your S/O and soak this game up!

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    10 Cosas Para Recordar Antes De Abandonar Tus Objetivos

    in Spirituality

    10 Cosas Para Recordar Antes De Abandonar Tus Objetivos; hoy estaremos hablando sobre 10 cosas que debemos recordar antes de abandonar nuestros objetivos. La verdad es que todo es posible, y solo necesitamos recordar estos consejos para seguir la lucha hasta lograr la meta. No te rindas! El mundo es tuyo, y lo que te destacara es tu persistencia, tu esfuerzo y tu dedicacion de seguir adelante. 

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    HD via PT longer than 300 seconds

    in Photography

    HD via PT longer than 300 seconds

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    Ron SAINT Germain, May 26th 8pm EST

    in Entertainment

    900 Seconds warmly welcomes RON SAINT GERMAIN!!!!!!

    Ron's career in the music business began in 1972 and has spanned four+ decades. He began learning the art of recording at two of America's busiest and best recording studios: Record Plant, NYC and Media Sound, NYC. Some of Ron's fellow 'colleague's' during those formative years were Tony Bongiovi, Bob Clearmountain, MIke Barbiero, Harey Goldberg, Joe Gaswirt, and Michael Brauer. Since going 'Independant' as a Producer, Engineer, and Mixer in 1977, his work has amassed over 75 gold and platinum awards, selling well over .25B units garnering 19 Grammy nominations with 14 wins for the Artists. He's also mixed live and recorded in venues from CBGB's to the 1980 Winter Olympics, Reagan's Inaugeration Ceremonies and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Perfroming Arts. He has one of the most eclectic discographies in the business, working in countless genres of music.

    Among some of the most notable include such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Aretha, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Ashford and Simpson, Mick Jagger, U2, Muse, Bad Brains, Living Colour, 311, Tool, Soundgarden, Kraftwerk, Sonic Youth, Duranx2, The Cure, Chili Peppers, Foreigner and SO MANY MORE!!!

    Ron continues his work traveling where it takes him but prefers to mix at home in his private studio: Saints Place in N. NJ. 

    Ron is also a very experianced pilot, having flown for over 34 years!!!

    For a Dropbox link with more info and videos, please use: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk10cx046ihl9w2/Saints%20Links.docx?dl=


    src="safari-extension://com.ebay.safari.myebaymanager-QYHMMGCMJR/d17b9187/background/helpers/prefilterHelper.js" type="text/javascript">

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    Talent In 10 Project Show #3

    in Social Networking

    What's Up Diamonds,

    Wow! The month has really went by fast, you know how you think you have all this time to do all the things on your to To Do List and before you know it your time is up and maybe you got 50% of it completed and the other 50% is still lingering waiting to do. I hope you enjoyed my podcast for the past two weeks I'm back live just in time for my “Talent In 10” episode! I thank you all for your support and listening clicking, sharing, RT, like and all of the above I am truly blessed.

    Monday’s “Talent In 10” show is full of new talent the show is almost full I have episode 3 of Jay Burton’s “Bermuda Series” and his new movie “Dormant” trailer that I’m going to play. I have a new short film from Filmmaker John Luerding called “Diary Of A Vampire” a new short film comedy from Translumin Productions called “Ukraine” and last I have a poem recital from Steve Caresser entitled “Girl Companion” that he says it’s “something every woman every married woman wants”. There's lots going on so tune in.

    When listening to our “Talent In 10” episodes you should be connected to your Twitter, Facebook or Google plus network and be connected to the shows social media. You can connect to any of the shows social media by visiting our official website. You connect because every time a film, book or any type of talent is played on the show a link is sent out to where you can view it on YouTube, Vimeo or other video websites. If it’s a book a link is sent out to where you can purchase the book or find out more info. about the author,  if it is a poem recital a link is sent out to the owner’s website. Basically everything that we play during the “Talent In 10” episode a link will go out in our social media networks to where you can connect to it.


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