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    EPISODE #010
    “Birth takes a woman’s deepest fears about herself and show her that she is stronger than them.”
    ~ Author Unknown







    This podcast is proudly brought to you by BEAUTYCOUNTER, the only personal care company committed information first, product second, transparency and performance. Their mission is to get safe products in the hands of everyone, because we all deserve better. BEAUTYCOUNTER is a company devoted to progress and to putting the truth back in beauty. Not only do I love their products and the positive change using them has made for wellness, but also I am proud to partner with them. Find out more about BEAUTYCOUNTER at www.trishblackwell.com/beautycounter.






    Why do we want to raise confident thinkers? Because a confident thinker will always have natural self-confidence in life, and with confidence, you can conquer anything that comes your way. Confident thinkers tend to be better leaders, more creative, more willing to step outside of their comfort zones and to have more self-efficacy. Confident thinkers tend to be optimistic and tend to walk through life with confidence that things will work out…in short, confident thinkers are happy thinkers.


    Even though I have admittedly struggled with my fair share of insecurities, I can confidently say that my parents raised both me and my brother to be confident thinkers. In preparation for this topic, I thought about what it was that made us become that way – what exactly was it that my parents did – and here is what I have concluded:


    Curiosity reigns.


    Teach our children to be intellectually and emotionally curious. Curiosity promotes creativity, creativity births confidence and confidence gives us the freedom to be our true selves.


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    2016 BIBLE Read 010: Genesis 28 - 30

    in The Bible

    2016 BIBLE Read Day 10:: Old Testament :: Genesis 28 - 30

    The bible will be read daily .. and discussed.

    Hopefully, our love, loyalty, submission and appreciation for God and Jesus will grow exponentially  from our daily read, study 

    and discussion of the bible.  NPlainEnglish (NPE) is a Digital Resource that provides Christians and Non-Christians a-like 

    answers to everyday questions using the bible as a resource. NPlainEnglish also has a book club to stimulate conversation and 


    All answers are clear. 
    All solutions are solid. 

    Everything .. NPlainEnglish

    May you be blessed daily from the 2016 Bible Read. 

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    Episode 010 Are You Weary? (Part 1)

    in Politics Conservative

    Are you weary? Dr David Berman talks about the hope and rest found in Jesus Christ


    Get involved with Smell the Truth Radio! Read Dr Berman's articles on smellthetruth.com

    Twitter @SmellTruth     Facebook Smell the Truth Radio

    email drdave@clfchurch.com

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    Black Talk Sacramento #010: Roshaun Davis, Daphne Burgess and Local News

    in Current Events

    Program Notes Current Show Date: May 05, 2015 / 5pm We would like to welcome you to the monthly podcast of Black Talk Sacramento, held at Underground Books, 2814 35th Street, Sacramento, CA / (916) 737-3333 Segment 1: Guest:  Roshaun co-owner of Unseen Heroes UNSEEN HEROES Creative Entrepreneurs / Creative Developers When it comes to … Continue reading Black Talk Sacramento #010: Sacramento Black Book Fair, Roshaun Davis, Daphne Burgess and Local News

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    Take Back your Healthcare - with Rocky Bilhartz MD

    in Health

    Medicine should be about the diagnosing, treating, and preventing of disease. But, in America, we’ve gotten all that mixed up. The patient-physician relationship has been evaporated and has been invaded by third-parties fueling flames that are entirely unhelpful to actual patient care.   Healthcare has become one of the most polarizing topics in the United States. Fewer and fewer people are finding value in America’s medical system, as growing distrust continues to mount.

    Join us as we speak with Rocky Bilhartz, MD author of  Finding Truth in Transparency: Our Broken Healthcare System and How We Can Heal It  - a riveting uncensored look into the healthcare problems our country is facing - this book gives a peek behind the “Iron Curtain” of medicine and you will be shocked by what you find there.  Dr. Bilhartz conveys an unprecedented understanding of why physicians are getting out of medicine, why your medical bills are too high, and why your insurance plan is too confusing. 

    A practicing physician in the field interventional cardiology and cardiovascular disease, Dr. Bilhartz is a graduate of Rice University and received a joint Medical Doctor (M.D.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree with specialization in Health Organizational Management from Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

    As a doctor, author, and speaker, his mission is to help you take back your healthcare.

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    LUwJC#010 The Distraction of Drama- Managers and Fixers

    in Relationships

    The Distraction of Drama- Managers and Fixers

    Today on Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri we are talking about one of the sneakiest Distractions of Drama, what makes it so sneaky? Because it hides under a cloak of ‘helping’. What could be wrong with that?

    Have you ever offered help to someone only to receive a response of anger or refusal?
    Do you help so many people that you find yourself feeling exhausted a lot of the time, but you would never say no to their needs?

    Drama maybe using you and you don’t even know it!

    Don’t miss this show and the conversations Jen and Cheri are having about how distracting being a Manager and Fixer has been in their personal lives!

    NEW! Follow Jen and Cheri on Periscope!!!


    Learn more about Jen

    Learn more about Cheri

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    TCRN presents DA' BULL's 2 CENTS Episode 010: Coward Cops Open Season

    in Education

    Please join Da' Bull as he talks gives his comentary to current events and to those who have no reason for being the spot light.  

    This is a raw and in your face rant & rave show.  This is not for the light-hearted or for those who do not like hard truths.  On this show the host will examine the idiocy that is the media in the United States.  He will call people out and he will try to get the truth out of those who hide behind "Authority".

    Join the Conversation on our interactive FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.  This is where you can interact live witht he host and with other listeners.  

    Please do not forget the "1 Finger Salute to Authority" Instagram Contest still going on.  Please Instagram your picture and #DaBullRing @TriviumCafeRadioNetwork.

    Remeber you have to get mad before you can take action.  Welcome to Da' Bull-Ring! 

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    TCRN presents TAKIN' OFF DA' BLINDERS Episode 010 Think Tanks

    in Education

    Our Host will discuss a wide range of topics and get you thinking if the reality presented to you is actually reality at all. Some of the topics for tonight are:

    *Secret Societies

    *Think Tanks

    *Non- Profit Organizations

    Don't forget the interactive Facebook Event Page.  It is a perfect supplement to the show.

    Let's look at the world without blinders. Welcome!

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    Truly Schmitty: Episode 010

    in Entertainment

    Truly Schmitty is a podcast about sports and everything life with Jake Schmitt. Sit back for the next 30 minutes and let Jake taking you on a ride through the world of sports. 

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    #010: Body Shaming, Transitioning off Hormonal Birth Control, & Water Intake Controversy

    in Fitness

    We’re back with episode #010 of The Paleo Women Podcast. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe! This week, Stefani and Noelle discuss body shamming on the internet, transitioning off hormonal birth control, and how much water we all should REALLY be drinking. Show notes can be found on Paleo for Women at paleoforwomen.com/episode10, or on Coconuts & Kettlebells at coconutsandkettlebells.com/episode10. Got a question you’d like us to answer? Email us at paleowomenpodcast@gmail.com. Topics: [8:17] Body Shamming [39:51] Transitioning off Hormonal Birth Control [55:00] Water Intake Controversy […]

    The post #010: Body Shaming, Transitioning off Hormonal Birth Control, & Water Intake Controversy appeared first on Coconuts and Kettlebells.

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