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Voter I.D. Laws. What's the issue?


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Christian Conservative that believes in the people rather than the government. Faith, Family, Country, Freedom. If we continue to allow our freedoms to be diminished and stripped away, where do we go? America is the last place on Earth for the freedoms we love! Stand and fight for yours! I want this show to help educate Americans on our current political happenings but also about the greatness of our history and the individuals who made it happen.

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Why are there people that think we shouldn't show our ID when voting? Why is the ACLU going to the UN and foreign courts to make a case against US voter ID laws? Let's discuss it, the pros and cons of voter ID laws.

Is it just me or has everything since '07 been hyped up. You know what I mean, the candidate Obama hype of saving the world from itself, stimulus hype, bank bailout hype, auto bailout hype, Obamacare hype, global warming/climate... more

As far as the SOTU address....the title says it all! What he said vs. what he should have said. Maybe what I would say. Didn't I tell my FB family that "investing" would equal more spending?! I'll cover all of this and more on Thursday at 5pm.... more

As you know, our government has had a spending problem for many years. Since March of 2009, they have also decided to print more dollars to feed their never ending lust for spending(currently reaching the debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion )... more

I will be covering the Tucson shooting and it's local after affects and the stupidity the flowed from the worthless media and those(Sheriff Dipstick) that look to profit politically from this tragedy. Join me Thursday at 5pm

Thank God it's over! The worst Congress in history is history. Now we look to those in the new Congress and hold their feet to the fire. Plus a global warming update for those that aren't under a deeeeeeep freeze. Lots to cover and look... more

Oh the community of tolerance just can't tolerate the phrase, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Isn't is sad that towns and cities and schools are so afraid of saying Christmas, that they give in to the few that condemn it, in the name of... more

Traditions are the American way of life and Thanksgiving is full of tradition. Americans travel thousands of miles every year to celebrate this great holiday and keep their traditions alive. Join me today at 3pm as we prepare to celebrate this... more

Are we going to continue to give up our freedoms for a little security and peace of mind? Is this the America we want for our children? Why aren't we profiling the people that fit the terrorist mold. Is it time to stop being politically correct? All... more

A Tribute to our Veterans both past and present for their service and sacrifice to this Great Country. Some stories from the past and hope for the future. Plus some of the top headlines from the week. Don't miss it. Join me for the... more
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