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Progress in the World Radio Show. We are the San Diego County Community Coalition and Media Communications Association International, Los Angeles and Orange County Chapter. We focus on human rights, social justice and symbiotic environmental stewardship. We help media professionals network. We cover stories worldwide on TV and Radio. See our YouTube Channel here or go to YouTube Channel on Direct TV. We have produced 12 cable TV shows and Internet TV channels. See

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Walter Davis, Andrew Thibaud and Laurie Anspach (Executive Director of CCHR Florida) 8 Feb. 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific No parent could ever imagine the horror of not being able to raise their own child. Yet, in today's family court... more

Join us for an informative interview with Dr. David Jones Imhotep author of the First Americans Were Africans, Clifford Caffey founder of the Black Card, and film maker Alton Glass producer of The Confidant. We will explore Ancient African... more

Dr. Jessica Hayman discusses what to do in your daily life to help your thyroid heal. 10 AM Pacific, 11 AM Mountain Thyroid dysfunction is increasing at exponential proportions. Thyroid dysfunction can present with symptoms such as... more

Al Sanchez, CEO of Poly MVA discusses recent IV Therapies 2014 Integrative Oncology Conference. Naturopathic cancer, cronic disease and pain management therapies will be discussed. This show is sponsored by Poly MVA -... more

Educating Our Communities on Solutions----Barry Skywalker, Walter Davis and Laurie Anspach Sat. Jan. 18, 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific We explore the hope and possible solutions for military families. Barry Skywalker advocate for... more

Soldiers Who Arrive Home and End Up Behind Bars----Steve Talmadge (attorney), Walter Davis and Laurie, Director of Citizens Commission on Human Rights Florida Sat. Jan. 11 5PM Eastern 2 PM Pacific ?You may be surprised to find... more

An Investigation Into the Sudden Deaths of Soldiers---Dr. Fred Baughman, Stan White, Walter Davis and Laurie Anspach, Director of Citizens Commission on Human Rigths Florida Wednesday, January 8th (noon Eastern ST) 9 AM Pacific... more
02:02 Dr. Jessica Hayman is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona, where she currently practices and resides in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. She specializes in natural medicine and believes in... more

The Hidden Enemy; What's Threatening Our Military---Walter and CCHR Florida (Laurie), Sat. Jan. 4 ( 5 PM Eastern) 2 PM Pacific Walter Davis and Laurie Anspach, Director of Citizens Commission on Human Rights Florida explore... more

Walter Davis discusses his experience with prostate cancer and how Poly MVA helped him by healing on a cellular level. Poly MVA destroys free radicals and is integral to many cancer patients in their survival. See more
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