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Your Small Group-Online! Each broadcast features music and a Bible study. Topics are relevant to your day to day life with Jesus. It's done in an easy to understand way that will help you understand and apply the Word of God to your life. It's interactive, you can participate by joining us in the chat room or by calling in. Brought to you by ScriptureLinks: Grow Together.

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Join me as I open the Word of God, the Bible. This week, our Bible Study will look into the topic of Connections. Connect with God, Connect with others. We'll learn some valuable principles that should be present in our lives with God, and... more

This week on Talkin' Scripture, my Pastor, Van Elkins will be bringing the Bible Study. You will not want to miss his message. Plus, I'll have special music and more. Join me LIVE at 6:30 pm on Thursday for Talkin' Scripture.

Join us this week on Talkin' Scripture as we discuss Love, God's Way. For our Bible Study, we'll look at John 15:9-14 and see something that we should take into our churches, communities, workplaces and homes. What is it? It's... more

Join us as I open the Bible, the Word of God. This week I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to give my random thoughts about how we, as Christians, are living our lives. Did you know that YOU represent... more

Join us as we open the Bible, the Word of God. I continue the study in the book of Nehemiah. We're studying in chapter 2. Nehemiah knows what God wants him to do. We've discovered the importance of planning, but we need to realize that it... more

Join us as we open the Bible, Word of God. Our Bible Study for this week is about planning. We'll look at Nehemiah chapter 2 and see how Nehemiah's planning helped him reach his goal. Would Nehemiah had accomplished this goal if he... more

Join me as I open the Word of God. I'll kick off the New Year by taking a hard look at prayer. Specifically, how our prayers reflect our dependence on God. By studying the prayers of Nehemiah, I'm sure that you will find something that... more

Join me this week for our Christmas Show. We'll look to the Word of God at the Christmas story and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Plus, we'll have special music by The Quicks.

Our Bible Study this week focuses on the Dangers of Twisted Faith. We'll study in the book of Jude about the dangers of faith that doesn't add up with the Word of God. Find out why a strong, centered faith on the Word of God is essential... more

On this weeks Talkin' Scripture, we'll talk to Jerry Dykstra, media relations for Open Doors USA, a ministry to the persecuted church worldwide. Do we, in America, suffer from "comfortable Christianity?" Could the persecution that is... more