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Political Talk Show for the Political Junkies who are passionate about Georgia and Southern Politics. We will lay it all for y'all and don't be scared to speak your mind.

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Two weeks out from mid-term elections and everyone is asking these questions, What are African-Americans thinking, How will they vote, Will they turnout??? In this episode we will attempt to answer these questions and dig down deep... more

Todays electorate is a lot younger and informed than the baby boomers that are their grandparents. However this group doesn't feel like it is being heard. Why is that? How can that change? How does the establishment engage Gen X? How... more

American politics has always seeks to pray on the electorate's fear. Yes there are concerns that need to be addressed but why does fear play such a large role? In part 3 of are current event series we will look at the weeks stories and how... more

In this episode we are going to get down and dirty and discuss the culture clashes behind the big news stories of the week. ISIL vs West and Muslim Sectarian Violence, Ukraine and Russia and the centuries long conflict there. African... more

From now till election day Down South and Dirty will be discussing current events and how they play in the upcoming elections. We will do a Foreign Policy Segment in the first 15mins, then a National Segment the 2nd 15min, after that... more

We took a little time off to make the show better and longer. We will discuss what has been going on since we were last on the air. Also we will introduce some new segments to get you the listener involved. Hope to see you all Sunday!!

This week the SCOTUS made a very highly awaited decision, Hobby Lobby claimed religion objection to providing certain Birth Control to it's female employees. SCOTUS agreed with Hobby Lobby. I will break down with you the... more

On July 1st Georgia's "Gun Everywhere" law goes into effect. Jim Peterson of Advantage Tactical Solutions LLC, and I will explain the new law and what it means. Then we will discuss the greater issue of Gun rights and Gun control. So... more

Last show Jim Peterson and I had a really great discussion on Bowe Bergdahl that unfortunately took up the entire episode so said, "Hey lets continue the discussion next episode". So we are going to do just that but going on to... more

Edward Snowden and Bowe Bergdahl are Heroes in some circles and Traitors in others. We all know that Southerns have an opinion on everything chime in with my guest co-host Jim Peterson, Partner at Advantage Tactical Solutions LLC.... more