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Scott Lee

Scott Free Thinking Live


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A live broadcast of Scott Free Thinking, devoted to science based self-improvement, rationality, scientific literacy, and libertarianism.

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Is the media affecting the body image of today's youth? What is objectification and what evidence exists for it? Is adult video capable of destroying relationships on its own? In this show, I'll examine the major apparel retailers,... more

ADHD is one of the latest controversies in the field of behavioral science -- what impact is it having on today's children? What are the differences in how parents are raising children today as opposed to years prior? What are the impacts of... more

Polyamory: conducting loving multi-partnered relationships with the full knowledge and consent of all involved. Does it work? Is it ethical? What makes a 'good relationship?' In this show, I'll attempt to define and describe non-monogamy as... more

How do we cure apathy? What brings individuals together to work toward common goals? Join my exploration of complacency in modern society toward improving communities and the world - and what to do about it.... more

Donate to support the show at: www.ScottLee.name/Donate An exploration of the sociopolitical climate that currently plagues the dying Republic of the United States of America. Beyond the police state, central banker cronies, and constant... more

Donate to support the show at: www.ScottLee.name/Donate What is rationality? Beyond defining the word and the idea, we have to ask questions as to how the concept can benefit us, and how we live our lives accordingly. Instead of striving... more

The public education system has long officially been dysfunctional, and yet it continues. Academia continues to use out-of-date learning and teaching methods, tuition costs continue to escalate, and academic inflation in the form of needing... more

Donate to support the show at: www.ScottLee.name/Donate Some of the strongest science-backed principles behind great health, good eating, effective weight loss, and exercise. About Scott... I am a research assistant and student at... more

An introduction to the core ideologies of Scott Free Thinking and Scott Lee's approach to fixing the world's greatest obstacles for survival. These are some of the core concepts going into a book currently under works that examines how... more