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The Scott Hensler Show: Starting January 25th, 2019 the Walking Among Spirits show, the Scott Hensler Network show and the Tin Foil hat Club show goes full circle. Returning back to Simplicity Probability Facts and Truth no matter who it offends! This shows main concept is Simplicity Probability Facts and Truth no matter who it offends! Whether you’re a TI, Cursed individual or just confused. The truth will set you free…

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Tonight an in-depth description of the curses on those who are bound to perversion. We are at a point of no return just like Sodom. The Angels right now are gathering up evidence to be presented to God just like the two who... more

Anyone who has research MK Ultra has come across this soul shacking picture of a young girl being experimented on concerning MK Ultra and Trauma-Based Mind Control, also known as Satanic Ritual abuse. Tonight I have as a guest this very... more

Tonight a brief discussion concerning the Mud Flood and the Tartaria mystery. Main topic: Satan is now coming through the front door he no longer needs to sneak in the back door. Also, is Jesus real? Or a blasphemous myth like the... more

Why are people allowing humanity to destroy itself? Is there another force unseen that goes overlooked for the most part? Tonight an in-depth look at those who pretend to have our best interest at heart. However, in reality, they have allowed... more

Stand for truth with courage or fall like cowards. Regardless of your stance concerning socialism, communism or occult worship. Its all the same in the eyes of God known as Luciferianism by other names. The sickening display of... more

Tonight as I start off the new series of shows under the title Scott Hensler Show I am first going to address who I am and what my beliefs are. This also include today's concerns and why I do what I do. So no more Tin Foil Hat. No more... more

Tonight no pulling punches. I am a bottom-line kind of guy who does not beat around the bush. However, I am going to step it up three notches because the time draws near! If tonight's show offends you so be it... Sometimes it is... more

Tonight my guest Steve has been using Royal Rife Coordinated Resonance technology for years to help heal and better the lives of himself, friends and family. This is not witchcraft or voodoo, it is real science using... more

The Christian belief of Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. Tonight Penny joins me a new guest with her testimony and words of encouragement to... more

Why does China have all of these ghost cities completely built and even still under construction with no one living there for years? Is this to house those captured during the US round up? Is this for the elites servants of the future to... more