We're Back!

Yes we're back. The most informative and entertaining SciFi & Fantasy News and Reviews show to hit Blogtalkradio has returned. And much has changed.

Our first show back on Sunday 2 August was a test show, and sadly was not the show we'd advertised. Due to circumstances beyond our control Will Stape who was our regular co host and partner in the radio show is unable to return on a regular basis. However he may return next month.

Instead the show will go on with a rotating rota of co - hosts. Which will be made up of the writing staff. Wayne Hall who does a regular quarter hour comics reviews show on our show was co chair on Sunday of last week and his Brother Randy Hall who writes Fan Film Friday and Cosmic Comics will also be hosting with me at a future date as will Marx Pyle.

Taking on the co host chair for this Sunday's show will be our resident Joss Whedon expert and all round science fiction fan Robin Brownfield. She will be helping with news squibs for the first quarter hour of the show and will assist in this weekends big interview, which will be with writer/actor and producer Hayden Black who is one of the creative minds behind the new scifi comedy/musical web series Cabonauts.

You can learn more about Cabonauts at:

So why not join us on Sunday 9 August at 10pm UK Time, 4pm CT and 5pm EST as we learn more about Cabonauts

Update: After a conversation late last night. Will has said that he is pretty sure that we'll be back on track in September. However, we still plan on having a rotating co host as a third host for the show who will give a third perspective to the mix of content that Will and I provide.

I'm also working on doing more interviews and getting us more guests. Which is a lot of work.

Further changes to the show will include a few new pre recorded segments that we hope to add in the coming weeks. Generally speaking 30 minutes to one hour of each show will likely be made up of pre recorded bits with us providing live links. The last hour will be for our special guests or callers.

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