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Welcome To The SciFi Pulse Podcast. The place to get an alternate viewpoint of all new goings on in science fiction and fantasy, comics, movies and video games.

On-Demand Episodes

In this final episode of SFP-NOW and GenreTainment to be hosted through Blogtalkradio. Marx Pyle and Ian Cullen explain where they are taking their shows and discuss what they have coming up at their new podcasting home on Libsyn.

Join ME (Jeff Ferguson) Mr Goodnight, and Commander James Olson as we explore strange new worlds and new civilizations. Beam on board and go Warp 10.

In this episode of SFP-NOW we feature an interview with Trenna Keating, who is best known for her role as Doc Yewll in Syfy's new hit series 'Defiance.' During this interview Trenna talks about how she got into acting and discusses the... more

For this final episode of the series Patrick, Raissa and I cast our critical gaze over 'The Name Of The Doctor,' which is the final episode of series seven. We also take a look at some future happenings with Doctor Who.

Marx and Julie talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series. This time, GenreTainment chats with Richard Cutting, the creator of the UFO mystery series Milgram and The Fastwalkers. Plus, a bonus interview with... more

Join Ian, Patrick and Raissa as they give their take on Neil Gaimans second Doctor Who episode 'Nightmare In Silver' in this our penultimate episode of our review how 'Pandorica Opens'

Join ME (Jeff Ferguson) and my super cool Big Daddy co-host Mr.Goodnight, Commander James Olson, and ENTERPRISE IN SPACE project leader Shawn Case as we jump to warp 10 as we discuss the future of humanity in the most... more

For this edition of SFP-NOW we feature screenwriter, comics scribe and novelist Andy Briggs who talks to us about his reinterpretation of Tarzan and how he is bringing the famed jungle lord into the 21st century.

For this weeks episode Ian, Patrick and Raissa give their thoughts on 'The Crimson Horror,' which sees the Doctor and Clara going back to Victorian London to aid an investigation led by Madam Vastra and Jenny.
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