• Bodies of Soul with Sincee Callahan

    in Energy

    Join us every Friday for Bodies of Soul, where therapist, nurse & energy consultant, Sincee Callahan, guides us through the extensive world of our subtle energy bodies. Learn about the soul, spiritual, causal, emotional bodies and the intricate ways they connect to our physical body, assisting and navigating every step of our lives!
    Questions? email bodiesofsoul@thejewelnetwork.net or sincee@etcounseling.com
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    in Psychology

    Welcome to the all new "Empower Me Now" broadcast, hosted by DrFaye.
    We bring your product and/or services before our live and thriving audience.
    For information on how you can be a guest, contact our office at drfaye@drfaye.com or call 215-621-8694.

  • Alan Boyle & Alan Stern • Solar System

    in Science

    Studying the Solar System through Research and Exploration . Alan Boyle hosts Alan Stern – SwRI-Boulder's Departments of Space Studies and Space Operations

  • Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Dr. Luanne Ruona of Hypnosis Plus VA

    in Psychology

    Alexandra, VA – Dr. Luanne Ruona is a holistic psychiatrist and a pioneer in the field of mental health. Today, Dr. Ruona is the founder of Hypnosis Plus VA, specializing in helping individuals overcome life’s difficulties through hypnotherapy.
    “We care very deeply for the condition of our patients,” says Dr. Ruona. “We want to help them feel better and grow stronger in the process of healing."
    According to Dr. Ruona, our subconscious holds the answers to resolve our issues. She says the first step to achieving real progress is to ask for help. This is known as overcoming the first psychological barrier.
    “The mind, body and spirit are one,” explains Dr. Ruona. “They’re not separate. People come to me filled with so much guilt, but deep down inside us are goodness and love. That’s the spiritual heart so I’ve always put hypnotherapy into my practice.”
    Dr. Ruona says the problem many individuals face is that their ego and their mind are working together too much. No attention is paid to the spiritual heart. We need the spiritual heart to monitor the mind.
    “I want my clients to live in the solution,” says Dr. Ruona. “They need to learn to love themselves from the inside. Think about yourself, take care of yourself, but first you have to learn to love yourself.”

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Millions tuned in to see the first images beamed back to Earth the night that NASA's Curiosity landed on Mars. We live-streamed with baited breath as Felix Baumgartner set world records with his freefall from the edge of space, and marveled at the news of a successful 36-hour face transplant. From astronomy to medicine and every discipline in between, science gets us talking in record numbers. Whether you know more about Big Bang Theory the TV show than you do the cosmological model, you'll find thousands of answers on BlogTalkRadio from scientists, historians, authors, TV stars and more about popular topics like biopharmaceuticals, hydroponics, geology, solar energy, climate change, forensics, creationism vs. evolution, quantum physics, stem cell research, even UFO and Bigfoot sightings. You'll also find a full range of mental-health discussions on seasonal affective disorder, behavioral therapy, depression, codependency, schizophrenia, parapsychology and everything else that may confound, and astound, us.

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