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  • National Marine Sanctuaries and Triathlons

    in Environment

    Michelle Johnston is a research marine biologist who as a child living in Marion, Ohio was inspired by the ocean.  She got her Scuba diving certification at the age of 14 and the rest they say is history.   After completing her degree from the University of North Carolina where she rehabbed sick sea turtles.  Michelle went on to get her Ph.D in Environmental Health sciences.  She studied the impact of pathogenic bacteria from wildlife in South Carolinas coastal waters.  Michelle is now with The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, where she is a scientific diver and Marine Biologist.  She manages the sanctuary's long term coral monitoring project.  She also has completed in a few triathlons.  Michelle feels that a healthy enviroment plays an important role in triathlons competions.

  • Lucifer, Satan, The Devil and Your Brain w/Guest Kimesha McDowell

    in Science

    Hosted by Ma'am Gg The StoryTeller
    Devil seems to be a word that has the world scared and running. From what though? Are they scared of a devil like they are scared of a boogey man? Are they scared of a devil like they are scared of scary movies? Arie they scared of a devil because it is said that he resides in hell (fire)? Or……are they scared of the devil because they are under an emotional word spell? ~Blaq Fire
    Join us on 'Ovasi View at a special time, 6PM on the Westcoast, Wednesday, November 9, 2016 with guest Kimesha McDowell aka Blaq Fire, as we discuss her blazing article, 'The Devil and Your Brain Part 1', Who or what is the  Devil, Satan, and since he has (his) own show,  Lucifer of which  rumor has it, Lucifer is female. Call 646-787-8474 as we discus the truth or a truth on the ghetto truth Magazine in Stereo.
    Tune in to listen, press (1) and you're in the cue with Ma'am Gg and tonight's guest Blaq Fire.
    (Isaiah 14:12)

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