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    Sensual Sunday's Whine & Chill

    in Energy

    JUNE  2011
    JahnSlim the humble host of 
    At The Chat Lounge, will Be chillin, 
    Engaging in discussions, Searching for applicable soultions,Sharing ideas, Chattin it up on the air, and in the chat room.Resonate and Vibe to Eclectic tunes.
    Here You're Welcome
    First step is the person in the mirror..is to realign and balance.work with inner self to allow peak performance to bloom...

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    OPERATION KENTE CLOTH: Psych Warfare in the Conscious Community

    in Psychology

    Aseer The Duke of Tiers aka Super Heru is our special guest tomorrow night on AQBAM Radio in our series of ascension radio. Bringing that fire to the masses about what's really good from the political playing field, American grounds, religious battlefields, spiritual warfare, psychological programming on all levels from every angle in a very serious hour show. The hostess Beautiful SeeAsia will be in class along with her listeners. Hold tight, fasten your seatbelts as we are in 2 hours with another intellectual legend. 9PM EASTERN TIME (347) 994-3789

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    Dr John Hall and Dr Robert Duncan - Technology, Mind Security and Cybernetic War...

    in Science

    Collaborating on air for the first time on UTE, knowledgeable and experienced guests, Dr Hall and Dr Duncan will literally give you something to think about for two highly detailed hours, discussing topics such as electronic harassment, stalking, mind control and science and technology abuse.

    Dr. John Hall is author of the book, 'A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America'. He
    is a medical doctor and sits on the medical committee of the human rights organization:
    Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. He has been instrumental in
    advocating for legislation against non-consensual human experimentation and the right
    to privacy. He has interviewed thousands of victims of electronic harassment and has
    brought this topic to the forefront of many media sources.

    Dr Robert Duncan holds multiple degrees in Applied Sciences and Business. He has worked on projects for the Department of Defense, CIA and Justice Department in his career. He is author of the book, 'Project: Soul Catcher vol. 2 Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed'.

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    Planning For A Sustainable Future: Federal Technical Assistance and Funding

    in Environment

    The Federal Government offers a wide range of funding and technical assistance programs to help make communities more sustainable and livable. Many of these are included in the Federal Technical Assistance and Funding Matrix listed below. Programs tied to the construction or reconstruction of housing and businesses, public infrastructure (transportation, utilities, water, and sewer), and supporting overall hazard mitigation and community planning objectives are emphasized in the matrix. Some programs are disaster specific, activated by a presidential disaster declaration under the provisions of the Stafford Act. Also included are programs or grants that are not specifically disaster related.

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    Solar Storms and NASA Warnings

    in Science

    NASA recently stunned the world when it warned that massive solar storms would hit the Earth with potentially cataclysmic consequences by 2013. Are these immanent warnings meant to prepare the world for a radioactive blast from the sun, or rather in anticipation of more catastrophic events to take place from a rogue planet the size of Jupiter that is said to be moving slowly through our solar system? As the world continues to warm our climate is dramatically changing, earthquake and volcanic activity is on the rise, and the polar ice caps and glaciers appear to be melting at a rapid pace. What do these unprecedented modern day events mean for the future of our planet and its inhabitants? Can mankind survive what's coming? Tune in as radio and internet commentator-Nancy Lieder explains her reasons for these disturbing and perplexing planetary and solar events, and what we should all be doing to prepare for the troubling times that many fear will happen.
    More about Nancy Lieder/Zetatalk

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    Man, Myth & the Occult: Between the Gates with Mark Stavish

    in Psychology

    Join hosts Drs. Bryan Ouellette and Michael Jon Kell as they welcome Mark Stavish to the show. Mark will be discussing his book, Between the Gates: Lucid Dreaming. It is a "manual of self-initiation and liberation that takes the student through the basic methods of experiencing dream states and conscious astral projection, to the ultimate culmination of consciousness-- creation of the Body of Light." If you would like to present a question or a comment for Mark or the hosts, you may do so in the chat room or by dialing 347-996-3307 and pressing the number 1 to queue to be brought on the air. Mark's website can be found at: www.hermeticinstitute.org

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    in Psychology

    riminal Profiler Pat Brown opens up the whole hour for discussion! Have a question about someone in your life, relationships, or society? Pat Brown will Profile This and also profile the breaking news of the day.

    This week I am discussing all the latest in the Kyron Horman case and why a Texas mother would strangle who two children to death.

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    Getting To Know MIND VIRUS

    in Psychology

    Dr. Marc talks mental optimization, personal strategy, and what you can expect from MIND VIRUS - including MIND VIRUS Internet Radio.

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    The Renegade Farmer #18: Michael Perry, Farmer and Author of "Coop"

    in Environment

    The Renegade Farmer is proud to interview farmer, writer, and Author of "Coop," Michael Perry. Mike has written for the New York Times, Esquire, and many other publications, as well as being a contributing editor for Men's Health Magazine.

    His other books include: "Truck: A Love Story," and "Population 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time."

    In "Coop," this accomplished writer chronicles his family's farm history, and his efforts at creating his own self-sufficient farms while tackling the various challenges with life, his own budding family, and more.

    Join us for this funny, poignant and interesting look at farm life!

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    Oil & Gas IQ - Shale Gas Drilling and Completions - Lindell Bridges

    in Energy

    Lindell Bridges, Senior Vice President of Geosciences at EQT Resources will be speaking at the Shale Gas Drilling and Completions event and is a member of our Advisory Board Committee. Here, he outlines his topics, updates us on EQT's own priorities in the Appalachian Basin and provides insight into the challenges and developments within the Shale industry as he sees it. The conference will take place at the Omni Houston Hotel at Westside, Houston, Texas between May 25-28. Visit www.SGDChouston.com.

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    George Wiseman of Eagle-Research

    in Energy

    Water fuel device researcher/author/inventor

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