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    Season 1, Episode 18: Tesla Coils of the Black Man

    in Science

    Jabari Mufasa Elijah X, was born in Long Beach, California and moved to Fort Worth, TX when he was about five years old. In his final year of high school, he applied to Tuskegee University at the request of his parents, but he made his final decision to go to Tuskegee after attending a believers meeting, where the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced that the Holy Day of Atonement 2013 event would be held in Tuskegee, Alabama. While the school was already appealing to him because it's rich history, the great scientific and cultural contributions to the world, as well as a great engineering program, the Minister's words let him know that Tuskegee was the right choice for him, and went into Tuskegee University in the fall of 2014. Jabari figured he could do more for his nation and the world this way. At first, Jabari would major in aerospace engineering, but saw this leading to military applications for the most part. The main influence in his decision to become an electrical engineering major was a man named Nikolai Tesla, who invented many different electrical devices like the induction motor, as well as discovering   inductive coupling, and what would eventually become wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi). On campus, he is the VP of the Nation of Islam Student Association (NOISA), and also a member of the Black Board Deliberative Dialogue Group (BBDDG), an organization made up of students and residents, that work together to plan and develop different projects for the city, mostly aimed at improving the local economy and investing in real estate. Currently, he lives in Oklahoma City, OK and is participating in a computer science research program at Oklahoma State University for the month of June. 

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    Lost In Thought with Lily Bailey

    in Psychology

    Beautifully written and astonishingly intimate, Because We Are Bad recounts a childhood consumed by OCD.  As a child, Lily created a second girl inside her mind - “I” became “we” - to give order to the fears and compulsions that shadowed every moment of her life. As she charts her journey from checking on her younger sister dozens of times a night, to mentally reviewing lists of hundreds of her perceived wrongdoings, to eventually seeking psychological help and finding new ways to navigate a world that refuses to stay in check, Bailey offers readers a nuanced and urgent portrait of an often-misunderstood condition.
    Lily Bailey is a model and writer. She became a journalist in London in 2012, editing a news site and writing features and fashion articles for local publications including the Richmond Magazine and the Kingston Magazine. Lily lives in London with her dog, Rocky. Written when she was just 21 years old, Because We Are Bad is Lily Bailey’s first book.
    Tune in to hear host, Melanie Vann, and Lily discuss her journey through OCD and how she has been able to overcome her struggles and live a meaningful life.

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    Disaster Preparedness /When Things Fall Apart !!

    in Environment

    We will be discussing the reality of disaster preparedness in our community!  We know it is better to be prepared for destruction, economic collaps, survival techniques, agriculture ,water ,self sufficiance !!! 

  • 00:57

    Geopolitical Endgame & Dark Side of Technocracy, Part 2

    in Energy

    An economist by education, a financial analyst and writer by profession, & an American Constitutionalist by choice, Patrick Wood shares insightful historical foundations of would-be captains of global hegemony, technocracy & transhumanism. Learn how technocracy—not communism, socialism or fascism—emerges as dark horse of ever-encroaching global governance.  As none other, Wood’s latest book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, builds context, connects the dots & reveals the projected geopolitical endgame of globalization. Rubber meets the road here, folks. Don’t miss this provocative episode, Part 2, of TRUTHTalk Beyond the Sound Bite.

  • 00:16

    Aliens, Alien Abductions and UFOs / The Apocalypse- Say NO to War

    in Science

    Join us today as we talk once again of disaster preparedness. Today we begin with a discussion about EMP attacks, or "Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks". What are they? How can we survive them? How do we prepare? Can America hope to come back from this scenario?  I will give you a number of suggested web sites to read that I feel may be helpful. An EMP attack would send us back to the middle ages as far as technology is concerned! Are we ready for that? Stop by today and see. As usual, all survivalists and doomsday preppers PLEASE stop by and be heard! I would love to hear from you!

  • 00:45

    Narcissism and the 5 Stages of Grief

    in Psychology

    People who have been victimized by narcissists (Narcs) and begin to become educated about the abuse that they encountered may experience the same stages of grief as those who lose a love one through death. In many ways, you are grieving the loss of the person who betrayed you. Nevertheless, there is healing as you embrace the various stages which will move you forward in the right direction. 

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    Americans for Science - Interview with Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe

    in Science

    Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, President and CEO of 32ATPs, LLC. Previously Dr. Curchoe was appointed by Governor Gary R. Herbert  as the Utah State Science Advisor. In that role she provided advice and counsel on science and technology issues to the Governor, state Legislature and other state agencies and served on a broad range of boards and commissions pursuant to the oversight of key scientific initiatives, research efforts, federal and state mandates, and ongoing programs devoted to science and technology issues. Dr. Curchoe was the Managing Director of the Office of Collaborative Science at the New York University Langone School of Medicine. There she assisted the Associate Dean in strategic decisions related to high technology, infrastructure and management, contributed to business plans, marketing strategies and supported the capital equipment and budget processes, and responsible for the management and development of new Cores resources as needed. Her dissertation research was performed at the University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT), on the characterization of the meat and milk composition of cattle clones, a key study for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision on cloned product’s safety. She also characterized the reprogramming of imprinted genes in cloned livestock. Her postdoctoral research focused on the optimization of human embryonic and neural stem cell cultures, the development of protocols for the production of hESC derived neural precursors and peripheral neurons, and deriving an in vitro model of early neurulation.

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    Virtual Doctors 4 You

    in Medicine

    See a Doctor when you need to!

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    My Reasons Why...

    in Psychology

    How do I expect you to continue to listen to what I say but not knowing a bit of who I am and why I am so passionate about these topics? I will start off with My Reasons Why I decided to start this podcast and name it Heartstrings. From time to time, I will add some personal stories and invite others to share as well. I hope that listening to these stories you hear their voices and know that you are not alone. This short episode is a nod to my mission toward a purposeful life, there will be more as the episodes build. Thank you for listening and hope one day you share your story too...I'm here to listen

  • 01:01

    The Future of Buying Black with Cassiopeia Uhuru

    in Social Sciences

    Cassiopeia Uhuru is an entrepreneur, activist, graphic designer and co-founder of The Black Mall, a directory and cooperative created to foster Black collective buying and bargaining. Is it possible to buy Black in any meaningful way?  Where are the Black businesses near to you?  Why is it important to buy Black?  Cassiopeia will be with us tonight answering these questions and more!

  • 00:31

    A Conversation with Nicole Williams : Florida Environmental Coalition

    in Environment

    Today we feature Nicole Williams ~ President and Founder of Florida Environmental Coalition. Nicole is also a founding member of Save Our Creeks and is on its Board Of Directors. She is a co-founder of a Research Shark program with Mote Marine Labs in Sarasota along with Books & Sean Paxton, the shark brothers. Nicole is the owner and talented artist of Native Exotics ~ a non-profit that uses jewelry arts, crafts, and native botanicals to provide education, preservation, and conservation of natural resources, our ecosystem & the laws to protect us and the fragile environment of Florida's Everglades.
    Links to Florida Environmental Coalition and Native Exotics ~ non-profit on-line boutique are posted in the comments section below. 
    Sign the petition below to President Obama "New evidence shows that promoting fracking was a huge mistake. We can’t afford any more damage to our water and climate. Immediately halt fracking on public lands, and do everything in your power to move us to clean energy and away from all fossil fuels."

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