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    Bear Talk 2 With Monika Laux Turner

    in Environment

    Activist and personal friend of mine Monika will join me to talk about the Florida Black Bear Killings and Upcoming Demonstartion.
    February 10, 2016 - February 11, 2016
    One Million voices, to be heard by the FWC Board of commisioners all at the same time! To be the voice of our Black bears. United. As one we will stand before them, and let them know that we do out number those that want to kill more Bears. That as one voice, we say no to the slaughter. With one voice we say, education is the key to addressing this issue, not blood shed, and killing. That with One voice, One million strong, we stand up for the Bears, and we speak for them. We will be protesting the planned 2016 Bear Hunt. During the Feb 10 and 11, 2016 Board Meeting of the FWC Commisioners.
    They can not ignore one million of us. Please make your arrangements for hotel space, food and transportation needs while in Tallahassee. As we get closer to the date, we will share more information about the protest, and all the details required. Let us commit to standing strong, standing firm, and saying in one unified voice, No you may not kill any more of the Florida Black Bears!
    Save The Florida Black Bears, Inc. https://www.facebook.com/savethefloridablackbears/

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    Bird Crazy: Season Three -- Episode #2 -- The Christmas Show

    in Environment

    Celebrate Christmas with Bird Crazy! Topics in today's show will cover GMO suet, indiscriminate tree cutting by power companies, annual flowers that feed butterfly caterpillars, and much, much more! 

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    How to Talk to an Exome Skeptic

    in Science

    Clinical exome sequencing is becoming more widely adopted every day.  Based on the evidence offered hospitals, professional organizations, and even insurance companies are adopting and/or supporting the clinical exome for themselves.  How might you convince someone who is still skeptical though?  What evidence is available for the clinical and/or cost-effectiveness in exome.  In this episode, we discuss some of the most compelling evidence available which supports clinical use of exome sequencing to give you the tools you need to convince the skeptics around you!

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    The Epidemic of Mass Shootings

    in Psychology

    Although crime rates in are down in America, mass shooting rates have sky rocketed! What are the reason behind the bloodshed in America? Can we stop the surge in violent mass shooting? Join me tonight on Own Your Life. I will discuss the recent mass shootings and how they affect the American psyche. I will also discuss the similarities with each shooting and if there is a solution to the epidemic. I will also discuss the role of the government and police in protecting our society. 

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    The Neuroscience of a Survivor's Brain in the Aftermath

    in Psychology

    Join Sandra Brown, MA and Jennifer Young, LMHC with guest neuropsychologist, Dr. Rhonda, as they discuss the neuroscience of pathological love relationships. There are some very specific things that happen to the brain of a survivor of a pathological love relationship that help explain why these relationships are so impactful and harmful.

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    A conversation with Bill Lea

    in Environment

    Bill Lea will take your quesions about Black bears, and how we can co-exist with them on a broader scale, to prevent human Bear conficts, that end up costing them their lives. Please have your questions ready, and keep in mind we only have 30 minutes to spend with Bill. 
    Bill Lea's Bio is both impressive, and inspiring. 
      Bill has been photographing wildlife since the mid 1970s and had his first photo published in 1981. For the last 20 years he has been specializing in photographing black bears  Having spent countless hours with black bears has allowed me a special glimpse into their lives.  I have been educating the public about black bears through  presentations to civic groups, residential associations, country clubs, schools, and a variety of other organizations for more than twenty years.  I have appeared on National Public Radio, British Broadcasting Corporation films, Animal Planet, Midwest Outdoors, Dateline NBC, Rock the Park, and other radio and television programs sharing my knowledge about black bears.  As an Assistant District Ranger for the U.S. Forest Service, I managed the wildlife program on a 154,000-acre Ranger District in Western North Carolina.  I have authored several books including Great Smoky Mountains Wildlife Portfolio, Cades Cove – Window to a Secret World, and The Everglades – Where Wonders Only Whisper.  I have co-authored other books.  I do a daily post of a black bear photo and an educational message about black bears on my Facebook Page (www.Facebook.com/BillLeaPhotography) .  I know and understand black bear behavior.

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    Perception Week: How Do You See Witchcraft

    in Energy

    What do you think Witchcraft Is...

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    More late night with CJ

    in Science

    Call in now!!!!

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    My First Question

    in Science

    Each one of us are different, we all have traits/ personalities that makes us individuals. In today's modern scociety identity is everything, we depend on it for our security, our health even our past. The question; why do we as humans need to be identified? is this search part of some higher arc in our evolution? What is it between all of us that we are looking for?

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    ??JerdiggityTV's ??Winter Clothing & Chicken Drive ??

    in Psychology

     In support of mental health awareness in Colorado come help JeriggityTV end the stigma behind the language we use that takes away a person's dignity and self worth. This free event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. Come meet Jerdiggity and show your support. Food Fun Friends Free BBQ Free raffle Lot's of great prizes. Bring your old winter clothing for the winter clothing drive. And come meet Jerdiggity at the Safeway on 74th and federal Boulevard in Westminister tomorrow at 12:30pm Friday October 9th 2015 and sponsor a chicken for the event. Hope to see you there. JerdiggityTV The Mental Health Awareness Network. ®2015.

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