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    Black Owned Solar Companies Making A Difference In Their Market Places.

    in Energy

    HOUSTON, July 26, 2016 - Cutting-edge renewable energy technology will be on display at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Street Olympics as a Houston-based company, Alternative Lighting and Power (AL&P), showcases the country's first solar tree.Edwin Love never imagined what would fire him up in a new career direction. "We can do something incredible with the power of the sun," said Love.The Humble entrepreneur and CEO/President of Alternative Lighting and Power says he was first exposed to solar power in the Air Force, but he didn't try to harness it until about five years ago. "We just answered the question what happens when we infuse nature with technology and that was the birth of the solar tree," Love recalls.
    Alternatives Renewable Solutions, LLC (ARS Energy) is a minority-owned, renewable energy systems integration company headquartered in Washington, DC. As a utility services provider, we design, install, and maintain the highest performing energy systems in the industry. Our services include the financing, design, and construction of solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal, grey water   recycling, porous asphalt pavement, and rain harvesting systems. ARS Energy provides maintenance and monitoring services to meet our clients’ production goals and sells solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs). As a proud member of the Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association (MDV-SEIA), ARS Energy is dedicated to providing the Airports Authority safe and effective products and accurate information about our services.

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    Winter never fails to turn to spring with Tim Janankos's Energy Healing Show

    in Science

    "The sun is gonna shine on my back door someday."  What if that someday can be today?  See what else is possible for your life with an amazing energy healing call every Wednesday at 9:30 PM New York Time (6:30 California Time, 7:30 Mountain Time, 8:30 Central Time).
    If the once a week call is making your life start to rock and roll, what else would be possible if you hired Tim to do some private sessions on you.  Tim still has his new years special for 3 sessions for the price of 2 and/or 5 sesssions for the price of 3.  
    How does it get even better than that?  Go to www.tjmusic.org/blog.html for more information and to sign up.    

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    Jamaica Environmental News

    in Environment

    Sunday Feb. 19, 2017
    Check For Your Local Time 
    5pm(Pacific) 6pm(Mountain) 7pm(Central) 8pm(Eastern)
    Hosts: Aven Peralto Nichols, Steven Smith & Guests
    NEWS In Focus Fun Facts Your Voices Music Contact us in the studio to take part in the show
    1 (914)338-1983, Use Skype, Log onto Blogtalk Chat, or FaceBook
     Twitter #JADERadioNetwrk 
    A Production of the Peralto JADE Foundation (USA/NGO/Non-Profit)
    JADE is Jamaica, Action, Dialogue, and Education Inc.

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    Menstrual Tinctures Class

    in Energy

    Uplcoing class on Friday. Menstrual Tinctures for Success, Love , Money, Sex, etc
    Money Group Mentioned in this call sign up here:
    Female Sexual Archtypes and Occult Group Mentioned int his call sign up here:
    Contact me for additional informaiton: healinglovecenter@gmail.com

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    Season One, Episode 9; What You're Made Of

    in Science

    Jabril Muhammad is the Vice Chairman of Original Man Scientific, representing the Engineering Sciences Department. Jabril attended George Washington Carver High School of Science & Engineering and earned a degree in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. A Philadelphia native, Jabril is a young man with a flare for the artistic, and a thirst for knowledge and has always been drawn to the sciences. Home schooled from 2nd to 9th grade, his interests started with meteorology, in the wake of a tropical storm that hit the Philadelphia area. This led to his involvement in the H.O.P.E.S. program at the NBC10 news station. His interests changed upon entry into George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science. It was then that he decided to pursue engineering. He is the new right-hand man to the OMS Board Chairman, Tariq Muhammad, and intends to use his technical and interpersonal expertise to help further the OMS agenda. Jabril is currently in the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadlephia Division, working in the Metallic Materials, Fuels, Lubes, and Structural Integrity Branch. 

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    The Joy of Burnout: Dr. Dina Glouberman

    in Medicine

    Dina Glouberman, PhD and Dianne Ansari-WInn, MD discuss burnout. Today we discuss: How we become burned out, why burnout is always your teacher, the symptoms of burnout and what burnout is is telling you ,and why using imagery is a great way to communicate with your truest self.
    Dr. Glouberman is the author of three books including The Joy of Burnout (which Dr. Ansari-Winn read many times in her journey from burnout) as well as the creator of Imagework, a groundbreaking way of using imagery to connect with one's deepest self.

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    Business Innovator: Julie Rizzo, Recycled Granite

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple interviews Julie Rizzo, Founder of St. John based Recycled Granite and My Choice Recycling.
    In August, 2008, Julie launched Recycled Granite. To date, Julie and her network of stone recyclers have saved an estimated 5,000,000 pounds of granite and stone scraps from being dumped into landfills across America. The stone is repurposed; the recycled granite is used for split stone tile, landscaping pavers, mosaics, aggregates and jewelry.
    Rizzo was inducted into the Northwest Indiana Society of Innovators in 2011 and was recognized in the Congressional Record for innovative contributions.

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    Expressions of ... Women's lives, happiness and creativity - Sustainable Energy!

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    We live in a world where access to energy is vital for everyone, where ever they are in the world, if they are going to be able to cook, access communication and participate in our communication-driven world.  What does this mean to women in remote areas of the world?  Can you imagine not being able to flick your lighting switch, or not being able to plug in your devices for their endless energy top ups, or only being able to cook if you can find the fuel to burn?
    In today's episode of 'Expressions of ... women's lives, happiness and creativity' Rosie Wall of Creative Women, and Clara Gibson - Life, Health and Wellbeing Coach of Make that Difference and Your Health in Your Hands are talking with Joanna Walton the Director of Communications at  'Ashden'  the trust that supports and showcases sustainable energy trailblazers, advocating for the sector as a whole, in order that the world can progress towards tAshden's ambition: a world where everyone has access to affordable, clean energy.
    Join us at 12 midday GMT on Monday 20th February,.if you have questions for Jo or us call in.  

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    The Wicked Green Energy Show: Pilgrim Nuclear Plant is Imploding

    in Energy

    After a devastating decision to keep the power plant open until 2019 and refueling it at a cost of $70 million we have a reprieve!  Recently an inspection report was leaked to the CapeDownwinders indicating that after an inspection process, there were a number of problems with the plant's operation.  My previous guest, Diane Turco, was the recipient of this email and one wonders if it was leaked "on purpose".  We'll explore what caused this latest hullabaloo
    About The Host: Roxanne Pappas is the Host of Wicked Green Energy, a show, dedicated to educating individuals about cutting edge green choices for the sustainability of our planet. She is also, an Independent Associate with Viridian Energy, a company that provides power from solar, wind and water generated here is the US,  directly to you, right now. Help Roxanne reduce our dependence on foreign oil and get in touch with her today!

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    TalkPsychwithAlexandKarolina; Bullying

    in Psychology

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for stopping by and tuning in!  We have a show every Monday night from 11:00p.m.-11:30p.m. est we talk about a variety of popular topics of psychology and sociology, and a mix of everything in between.  Every week we have a discussion about something that is important in our lives, or what we feel we should be talking about that day!  Join us this we as we discuss a very important issue and problem that is occuring in the American school system today, and that is bulleying.  So please join us as we discuss this difficult topic, and give suggestions on how to stand up to that school bully, as well as giving you some very personal emotional situations to help you relate to it!  Thanks for stopping by and tuning in we greatly appreaciate your listen, and tell 5 of your friends about us!

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    Madison Star Moon Peekay22 debates Mike Glynn

    in Environment

    This show will be a debate between chemtrails activist Peekay22 and debunker pilot Michael Glynn. 

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