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Satirical look/critique on a broad array of topics with main focus on nostalgic hip-hop, music in general, film and television.

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The School's IN Bunch Dicussses Sun Tzu's ancient Chinese military strategy and tactics as captured in his legendary text, The Art of War. We will discuss not only the work itself, but the impact it has had on our society at large, past AND... more

The Schools IN Bunch discuss our favorite Hip-Hop Samples on our Favorite Hip-Hop Samples List Show edition!!! Join us!!!

The School's IN Bunch have an indepth discussion of some of the words that are CONTINOUSLY used incorrectly (and some of the ones WE FEEL ARE) in everyday conversations and discussions-----like, "CONVERSATE" (which is NOT... more

The School's IN Bunch discusses the effects of sampling that hip-hop has had on it's own genre as well as other genres as well. Discussion of the documentary, Copyright Criminals, directed and produced by Benjamin Franzen. Join us!!!

The School's IN Bunch goes through our top 5 Favorite Hip-Hop songs about love/relationship or RELATIONS (with lyrical examples)!!!! We've got a feeling THIS one's going to get a bit ROWDY..... JOIN US!!!

In honor of Father's Day, The School's IN Bunch discuss the Father's in Hip-Hop, and DAD RAP---you KNOW how WE DO!!!! Join us!!!

The School's IN Bunch discuss how Hip-Hop songs about LOVE/relationships have evolved (OR NOT) over the years----EXAMPLES PROVIDED!!!!! Join us....

Soooooo......this was SUPPOSED to be a "Lists" Show, but, there was NO WAY we were getting all those Hip-Hop Anthems we LOVE onto a top 5!!!! Instead, The School's IN Bunch discuss Hip-Hop Anthems, where we think they came from... more

The School's IN Bunch have a sobering discussion of the book, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing, by Joy DeGruy. We'll be discussing the causes, symptoms and the effects of PTSD... more

The Schools IN Bunch discuss the new controversial documentary about the controvertial trans-racial woman, Rachel Dolezal, The Rachel Divide, directed by Laura Brownman. THIS is gonna get MOSTLY "bad' and "UGLY"..... Join us!!!