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The Scales

The Scales of Justice


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Shirley Wilson Presents the all new "Scales of Justice", where renowned Activists, Officials, Movers, and Shakers like Maria Palmer, Julia Chavez and Tommie T-Top Rivers, who all join together with Shirley as co-hosts to speak out against the violence that has plagued our nation in the last decades. The solutions to violence and mayhem are already in place, people just don't know they exist. New solutions are added to society every day and they are consistently coming over the horizon. The Scales of Justice is turning the lights on in the dark hallways of injustice to awaken justice with an exuberance never known. The Scales wants our nation to know that she already has enough good people on the job to protect her children, we are breaking down the walls of injustice to let in the light or justice and equality. A new day is dawning and our children are safe and sound in it. Welcome to the show!

On-Demand Episodes

This is Heart to Heart show today: Shirley and Maria will be bringing the good news, people and programs that are impacting children who have a parent in prison. Once a month, the show will be shedding light onto a topic that many... more

This Sunday, May 8th, Mother's Day; Shirley & Maria will be discussing the amazing things going on in service to incarcerated mothers and their precious children. One of the programs is The Chowchilla Family Express! They provide... more

Shirley & Tommie T-Top Introduce the Healing Circle with a special 2 -Hour Show: The Healing Circle out of San Francisco, CA is working very hard to bring awareness to the major crisis in America, Blood spill and death of people of... more

Hi Friends, Family and Colleagues: Gi Gi Breland on The Scales of Justice Gigi was a battered woman. She was physically abused and beaten by her husband in the late '70′s only to leave him and get an offer to move in with... more

Urban Voices for Justice with Shirley & Tommie T-Top Rivers this Sunday as Shirley and Tommie welcome to the show Mr. Fanya Baruti. Please read Mr. Baruti's Bio below; listen to the show live on... more

On the show today Shirley will talk with Michael De La Rocha and Jisiri X who are both not only singer/song writers, but are also powerful examples of men who care about the children and the oppressed. On today's show Michael and... more

Today's show welcomes two men who have spent over 50 years combined in state prisons and are now men who want to make a difference for our nation and are doing works that are doing just that. Enjoy a show of inspiration... more

On Heart to Heart this Sunday will be three women who together uncovers the laws, policies and practices that women face when they are stuck in a difficult circumstance of being in an abusive relationship and having questionable... more

Urban Voices for Justice with Shirley & Tommie T-Top will talk about the amazing successes going on in the fight to detour American children from the streets to the seats of universities throughout America. The guests on today’s show is Brother... more
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