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"Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign" w Honored Guest: Elder Activist Baba Joseph Hayden

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If you've been living under an Afrikancentered rock for the past week, you may not have heard Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins' comments which people agree openly endorsed the murder of Mike Brown.  Watch the video at this site for yourself: 

Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins Justifies the Murder of Mike Brown

The community activist who challenged Hagins in this video is named Baba Joseph Hayden.  Baba Hayden's outrage at Hagins' blind support for the police justification for Mike Brown's murder was evident in his voice, posture, and demeanor.  If we didn't know better, we would think that the elder almost wanted to punch Hagins in the nose for these comments (many of us wanted to).

Tonight, we are honored to have Baba Hayden on our program to discuss how he felt about Ray Hagins making those comments defending Mike Brown's murderer and what he thinks about the "Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign" which is a Black community-organized movement to push Officer Pokechop or Mr. Mobutu (if you prefer), out of the conscious commuity and send a message to the next vanguard of race traitoring Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons that their kind will not be tolerated. 

Tune in and enjoy.