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Everyone made the same ‘flat Earth' joke about NBA player Kyrie Irving, and they should. After Kyrie Irving said he believes the earth is flat. The Internet and fans went nuts. Whether Irving believes the Earth is flat or not, Twitter had a blast making fun of him. Kyrie Irving sent shockwaves across what he considers the flat plane of the earth yesterday when he announced that he believes the world is not a sphere. That's right; Irving, a grown, adult human, thinks that the earth is flat. He ostensibly believes that there is an end to this planet, a ledge to which one will come if one walks far enough. A cliff one could feasibly throw oneself off of and plummet into the depths of space below. Irving makes a good point: A lot of people seem to have been taught that Eli Whitney was black, so maybe we can't trust our schools at all. However, NBA Commissioner Silver said that Irving was trying to make a point about how false information circulates in the media. ?Kyrie and I went to the same college Duke He may have taken some different courses,? Silver joked, before adding: ?In all seriousness, he was trying to be provocative and I think it was effective. I think it was a larger comment on the sort of so-called fake news debate that's going on in our society right now.
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