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Will we survive The Fall of America?

  • Broadcast in War
raque sterling

raque sterling


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James Baldwin once said ignorance allied with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. This statement can b no further from the truth when it comes to liberating our people from the throws of white supremacy. The leaders of this so called great nation r some of the most vile madmen thugs and gansters the world has ever seen. In the last 500 years they have pillaged and robbed africa of its sons and daughters to b slaves in the americas murdered and imprisoned our black leaders burned our business districts 2 the ground infested our communities with porverty umemployment drugs in an attempt 2 prevent that born leader or leaders that will one day liberate our people. They have bombed the congo Laos grenada libya somalia sudan yemen korea indonesia el salvador panama cuba bosnia cambodia china afghanistan iran iraq lebanon palestine peru syria vietnam yugoslavia nicaragua pakistan guatemala. America has bombed so many countries and people that now it has turned its weapons on itself. All of the terrorist attacks orchestrated by the so called elite in america have been home grown in order 2 fufill their dream of a new world order. When this finally takes place there will b martial law the government will try 2 enforce the chip people are going 2 rebel the government will shut off all utilities no food government troops shooting our people blood in the streets higher than a horses brow. This is when the fall of america will take place. Black folks r u ready 4 the fall of america? Do you have your water food medical supplies guns ammunition generators stored shelters or any other plans of action? We r dealing with serious demons who dont understand that u cant destroy the planet and its people and think you wont b destroyed in the process. We will survive the fall of america? In this segment were not just going 2 tell u whats going 2 happen were gonna tell u what 2 do 2 survive the fall of america.