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The Whiteman is the Devil!!!

  • Broadcast in Current Events
raque sterling

raque sterling


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Theyre's an old saying. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There could be nothing further from the truth when referring to the white race. Everywhere they've been  a wave of death and estruction followed. 1200 years of arab slaving followed by 500 years of slavery in the amerikkkas, europeans with their hateful pens stinking of racism have written the african out of the annals of history. All of our ancient artifacts and  inventions europeans have taken the credit for. They tell us to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps but when we amass wealth like the freedmen, black wallstreet and rosewood they destroy it. Europeans didnt convert blacks to christianity to save their souls because according to them black people have no souls and heaven was for whites only. They've killed all our black leaders and throughout history have used several tactics to get rid of us such as: the klan, birth control, prison, the school system, poisoning the air, water, food, gangs, guns, drugs, disease and now with their man made earthquakes and hurricanes in hopes of securing the survival of the white race which is rapidly declining. Currently, there are currently 9 billion people on the planet. There is a small group of european lunatics, madmen and gangsters calling themselves the elite who are trying to lessen the earths population to half a million within the next 35 to 50 years. That is a 96% decrease of the worlds population. Now you got this nut case trump who is about to start a war with north korea, send thousands of  troops overseas to get killed costing this country trillions of dollars in the form of higher taxes to the poor. There is no place underground called hell controlled by a man with horns, pitchfork and a red suit called the devil, the devil is on earth walking around with blue eyes blonde hair and white skin. The Whiteman is certainly a devil because only a devil is capable of the evil he has committed.