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Can a man and a woman discuss their opposite-gender views about relationships in a frank, honest debate without hair pulling, name calling, and throat cutting? If one man and one woman find such a discussion challenging, try a group of men and women. Say What? is the platform where this fascinating dynamic exists every Tuesday night. Representing Cali, Philly, and cities in North Cacka Lack, this team tackles relationship issues from not only the male and female perspectives, but also the cultural nuances that span the country. From the classroom to the boardroom, the church pew to the chat room, the Say What? hosts bring together their combined years of formal training, life experience, spiritual and not-so spiritual ideologies, and good old fashioned common sense to the table. Add to that wit, charm, humor, and the fact that not one of them backs down from a challenge, and you have a recipe for something worth checking out. And who knows, maybe you'll identify with a viewpoint somewhere in the mix. And if not, you might learn a little something….or call in to teach a little something. There’s definitely room for one more.

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Monogamy sounds good in theory and may even be good for some people in practice. However, there are increasing numbers of people who choose not to be monogamous. There are so many sexstyle choices, why limit yourself to... more

Infidelity seems to be the center of attention. It’s everywhere!!!! It’s on the internet, in magazines, on the news, in TV programs and part of day to day conversations with friends, family and colleagues. Where is all of the chatter... more

The "other woman". She knows that her man is not really hers, but she's okay with it, prefers it, and loses no sleep over it....but is this really true? What is it that makes a woman comfortable with this position, and how do men who deal with... more

Is explicit material relegated to the dark quiet rooms of homes across the country where men lurk in silence on their laptops and desktops? Is it relegated to magazines in brown wrappers or back alleys? Interestingly, female consumers... more

We hear it ALL of the time. Women don't want "nice guys", they don't want "good men". They leave the "good guys" in the "friend zone" and choose the bad boys to have relationships with. Is this, in fact, the case? If so, is there something about... more

You're having sex on the first night? You're waiting for marriage? You're on Steve Harvey's 90 day rule?! How soon is too soon? Join the Say What? Crew to discuss the perfect timing for sex. Is it the first date? The first year? Listen as... more

Our incredibly lively discussion of the independent woman will be followed with the man's question of whether or not he can "wear the pants" in the relationship. Is he waiting for her to step out of them? Shouldn't he have a pair of his own?

The independent woman, feared, hated, respected...misunderstood. What does she want/need? What is she independent of? How does she view herself? How does the world view her? Who, exactly, is the independent woman?

Do we allow too much input from friends and fam in our intimate relationships? Sure, we all need a sounding board from time to time, but are we sharing too much? And to make matters worse, are those with whom we share then giving... more

Tricks and toys, all the joys.....of sex. Where? How? When? Are you adventurous, or shy? Do you experiment, or do you prefer the comfort of the good old fashioned basics? How spicy is too spicy? Positions, places, you name it, we... more
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