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Aliens,Alien Abductions and UFOs/ The Apocalypse- Say NO to War

  • Broadcast in Science
The Apocalypse is here- say NO to W

The Apocalypse is here- say NO to W


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Welcome to our show! Today we will talk about awakening. why it is so important and why we should be trying to grow spiritually . Preparedness is important when we are facing disasters and planet changes, but awakening is important in order for us to be ready to make our way back home to Parutia in the fifth dimension. Reincarnation is also important to our spiritual growth and it is this that we must try to recall. We must lift the veil of amnesia that wre have been living with for so many life times and remember who we are, where we are from and why we are here. All of this will help us to weather the rough days ahead and it may even help us to avoid a 3rd world war. There really is only one race- the HUMAN RACE, and one Heavenly Father, no matter how we choose to see him. For a number of episodes, I have spoken of our homeland, of the Angels, of how our world looks and of problems the people of the 5th dimension have had to face, such as the Druxsella7.0 virus. I have given you the unhappy news that slavery does exist in that dimension on various worlds, and in other dimensions as well. Most of us have probably been slaves at some point in our many lifetimes. I have memories of several lifetimes on other worlds and on Earth during the Civil War when I was a slave. It is time now to look upwards toward Heaven (Parutia) and to awaken! Our end of days is now at hand and we need to understand and prepare ! Join us and join in the discussion!