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What is Recovery In Motion?

SaxTherapist Traysee J Leonard

SaxTherapist Traysee J Leonard

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There is a musician friend of mine, his name is Marc. His idea is to have a band of musicians, all of us have battled addiction and all of us are Christians. We want to inspire, motivate and share the Glory of God and how that has impacted our lives and our struggles. His idea inspired me  to go further and this is what God gave me Recovery In Motion!

While I was dealing with my issues of drug abuse I knew it was for a time such as this, so Marc's idea encouraged me to be even more proactive! I came up with Recovery In Motion! It's an idea for people dealing with addiction (to anything) and recovery to come together and share a message of hope! Recovery In Motion is a way to get it moving and show the world that there's a better way to live our lives. We can be free of addiction! We are more than conquerers! We are the head and not the tail!  Most importantly God gets the Glory! I call that Recovery In Motion! Tune in and tell everyone you know to listen in, for these stories and testimonies will change lives and give all a Message of Hope! 

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