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Nephilim=Space Aliens and many humans=descendant/hybrids of fallen angels

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My clearest presentation yet of how the entire human race is to date a combonation of two genetic influences. We are constructed from genes that came from the humans that existed on Earth before the Adam and Eve experiment began, plus the Adam/Eve influence and then finally from the Space Alien (fallen angels) hybridization program and/or propogation with those humans who were not seeded via the Adam/Eve strain.

As it explains in the Book of Enoch and Genesis chapter 6, those 200 or so humans and/or human equivilents (if some came from another star system) who had once been seeded with souls from the Level Above Human and who grew to have some elementary service to the Next Level as "watchers", were attracted to humans who were considered to be mortals in that they had not received souls, that they impregnated either directly by intercourse or in some other way, in either case a hybrid due to their differences produced "giant" offspring. The Hebrew word translated to "giant" was Nephilim and it also meant "great" so didn't have to mean they were bigger in stature. According to Enoch they were taught things that made them look great in the eyes of the mortal humans - how to use herbs to heal, etc. things that the Next Level preferred not to teach humans at that time as the humans could get all the help they needed if they fostered a relationship with the Kingdom of God/Heaven.

However these Nephilim began killing and even eating mortal humans. It was because of their tremdensous violence that the Kingdom of God/Heaven felt they were weeds in the garden so needed to erradicate them all, thus    brought about the great flood.

Those who escaped underground when they were allowed to surface became some of today's space aliens and continued their propogation of their seed alongside the development of adam/eve's seed.