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Scientists "we have no choice"; Ti & Do "We are ONLY the chooser

  • Broadcast in Christianity
TiDo Witnesses

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A science professor from Columbia, University says to Christia Tippet a well known npr show host, that "humans have no choices but only have the feeling they are making choices" because the physics are predetermining what our choices will be. Now Ti and Do said that "we are ONLY the choice mechanism". Ti wrote in a document: "you are the central sun in your own solar system, you determine what comes into that system and what you wish to keep out", which pertains to thoughts unbecoming of members of the Next Level, - fault finding, backbiting, manipulating, deceiving, sensual, hateful/judgemental of others, inflexible, sloppy, disrespectful of life, murdering, thieving, etc.(However all these characteritics we have can be changed, but if we die with them they remain like software programming) that we take to the discarnate world and seek to continue to play out through living humans. This also takes place for all characteristics, interests, skills, etc.)

How to pull from Ti and Do's mind - to consume the bread/body of the Older Member - following their examples, behaviors and ways no matter how trivial or significant seeming.

Revelations 12:16 ...the earth swallow up the flood (Ti's body is taken to the grave) from the Dragon.

Do said, "she burned out her vehicle"

Humans do this to of course but just not for the same reasons and ways as Ti did.

The flood ...the water is the multitudes of people but not their physical bodies but their thoughts and feelings that the dragon sees to it that are sent to attack Ti and Do for having caused them so much stress - taking their adult offpring, siblings, mates, friends, relatives, etc. and challenging all the traditional and very comfortable belief systems (religions).

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