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Rev Mysteries Unsealed - The Rev 12 Woman is Ti incarnate

  • Broadcast in Christianity
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Talk about the astronomical references to Rev 12:1 where the "woman clothed Sun" where sun = a ray of light and Sun representing the Father is saying that this individual is that "light ray" that chooses to wrap around (clothe) her "light body", the actual Soul that came from the Next Level by discarding her existing physical body in a "ufo crash", with the body of a human woman named Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles. All these revelations have literal application to the end times we are certainly engaged within. The use of "clothing" is rooted in what we wrap around our body and there are many references to "making our clothing  pure, related to light and related to white  (though as a race are certainly not pure but are actually anything but as purity is not based on skin pigment but IS based on having Next Level (kingdom of God/heaven) behavior and ways). For instance "cleaning our robe", putting on white raiment, etc. The Next Level design physical bodys LIKE clothing in that if it's removed They are NOT dead, while in the human kingdom they are dead - (discarnate) and still exist as a spirit to eventually be recycled at the garden's recycling time, while if that human bonded with a Next Level incarnate representative while they were incarnate or soon afterwards then when they die their "soul body" however tiny and even seed like in it's development is "saved" so is literally taken to a Next Level "heaven" a literal location in a Next Level dwelling (one of the levels in enoch's described seven heavens). Continued to re-translate this verse and a few others.

Also talked about the adam and eve story with some new perspectives of how and why that took place.