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Admiral Byrd's 1946/47 expedition to Antarctica attacked by UFO's

  • Broadcast in Christianity
TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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Started a talk that was broadcast on coast to coast that they described as:

1) A 2006 Russian documentary recently translated to English reveals new information about a US Navy Antarctica expedition in 1946/47 headed by Admiral Byrd that consisted of the USS Philippine Sea aircraft carrier and other smaller ships that shot at and then were shot at and sufferred a lost ship and a bunch of  casualities. Byrd was published saying that Task Force 68 had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.” The documentary goes on to talk about the Nazi's who fled from the lost war presumably headed to this Antartica base but got held up in Argentina, quoting a Nazi general as saying he had found a "shangrila" for the furher which smacks of the earilier Admiral Byrd expedition report of finding such a haven in the inner earth. 

2) An imposter "ody" using the name Tmmody is a debunker of all things Ti and Do and Space Alien and Spirits without evidence who doesn't know, by immating an "ody" (the name extension given to students by Ti and Do) is like Paul of Tarsus pretending to be an "apostle" - also an assigned position, though Paul believed in Jesus. So he heard Ti on an old audio tape talking about her eye removal, diagnosied by the doctor in the hospital as cancer, say she was not going to die but if she did she could just take another vehicle. This tim thought because she did die and didn't take another vehicle it proves she was not who she said she was. I pointed out that they had said a number of things that they later changed, even in the beginning that didn't phase the hard core students which I guess I was since changes didn't phase me either.