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More on ISON, Mystery Planet seen, Rev 11, 21 dechiphering

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TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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Will continue to decipher scriptures related to what at this time I suspect ISON to be, an armada of spacecrafts from the religio-spiritually, but archaic termed Kingdom of Gods from/in the literal heaven's who are NOT space aliens. The space aliens are real and are all related directly or indirectly to the ones spoken of by Enoch as the Watchers and Genesis chapter 6, who renegaded from some elementary service to the Older Member (heavenly Father) - as all members of the evolutionary level above human abide/dwell with their phycicality on spacecrafts and inside labs that can be inside what humans often call planets or moons or in whatever object they want to use in some way that is disguised to give humans the option to not believe they exist, thus true free will.

Thus this discussion takes us to all kinds of prophecies from what Jesus said, what the Prophets Daniel and Isiah and Zechariah said, what is throughout the book of Revelations and of course always includes the many references to what Ti and Do whom I can prove with scripture were the first phase of what has been called the "second coming" being the incarnate phase of the Rev 11 Two Witnesses while the last phase will be through Their operations performed mostly by the firstfruit graduate students as Jesus depicted as recorded in the gospels and the Revelations of John that at this point I suspect could conclude at about the 6th seal time period (and we are now in the 3rd seal time period) with a reappearance of the "face" that the Older Member who performed the tasks of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus, then Do, being the face of what the world knew of as Marshall Applewhite, the human physical vehicle the Older member took to perform his spirit/soul birthing task for the firstfruits, the 42 of Rev 11 among them the 24 Elders anong them the 12 Apostles of Jesus. I welcome questions and comments and debate and the curious.