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Comet ISON in Revelations

  • Broadcast in Christianity
TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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This episode shows some evidence that what is called comet ISON is not a comet at all but is an Armada of spacecrafts from the "Kingdom of God/Heaven" with the one called Jesus at the helm in the second phase of the "second coming", the first phase as associated with the first fruits harvest of Rev 14 that was by coming incarnate, with His Father, in the task of the Rev 11 Two Witnesses in 1975, coined by the media as the UFO Two in the names of Bo and Peep, to gather the firstfruits. Then they went into the wilderness to begin to overcome all their human behaviors and ways to be "born of spirit", a soul birth that required capturing human vehicles prepared for them. Bo and Peep during the overcoming period changed their names to Do and Ti, where Ti was the Father with Jesus incarnate this time in a female human vehicle to help  get her Son started in his task on the Throne to birth the liter she gave him 2000 years ago. (Rev 12). The Ti left by the earth swallowing her body an expression meaning "death" and Do finished the task after getting a visit from two small white looking beings who were witnessed by three students just as John and James and Peter witnessed two being    when Jesus took them up the mountain and from that visit got confirmation of his exit plan. The story because known internationally as the Heaven's Gate cult's mass suicide but it was nothing like any of the other cult suicides. They left a great deal of proof that they really were willingly laying down their human bodies for Do and Ti and the Next Level. ISON is ushering in the Seven Angels with vials in Rev 16.