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War between the Luciferians and the Level Above Human

  • Broadcast in Atheism
TiDo Witnesses

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This series of episodes will focus on the war that is in progress between the Luciferian Space Aliens and The Members of The Evolutionary Level Above Human that humans on Earth are in the middle of and are each given continuous choices of which group to be in allegience to.

The name Luciferian at this time is a catch all name for all those who in a previous age (civilization) had some elementary tasks for the Evolutionary Level Above Human, in short the Next Level because of the way it's a potential next step humans are offerred periodcially to advance beyond mammalian seed bearing temporary plant like life forms.

Everytime this Next Level step is offerred humans, by one of the Older Members from the Next Level comes undercover (invisible to humans) with their Crew that involves elder students in progress to graduate the human condition the Luciferians step in to distort the TRUTH about the reality of this Level Above Human into a spiritualized religion. Thus atheists are correct in that religions are made up, but wrong that anything happens on Earth or anywhere else without very consciously (intelligent) direction.

The Luciferians play all angles to wrought confusion but it's part of the design to provide humans the total choice of what to believe and stand for. A big  part of what the Luciferians do is to find suseptible humans to be their contactees so they can present a facsimili of what they had learned were the WAYS of the Next Level Older Members in their gardening efforts so when these Older Members come undercover to prepare and then take human vehicles to perform their task through, humans who are not prepared will have a very difficult time recognizing who among the human recipients is from the Level Above Human and who has been seeded by the Luciferians. (i.e. Jim Jones and the Solar temple groups were some of the facsimilis.)