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Obama & Ti/Do Father/Son(Jesus) Revelations 11/6/12 Nettles/Applewhite(Horse) UFO Two Witnesses

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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Lots to share biblical, vedic connections Buddist, Islamic connections. Segment of something Ti wrote. Perspectives. Dream with Do in it and some suspicions of who the other dream was - two classmates, perhaps. This was like the last dream I'd had with Do which I could easily recognize his warmth, see his face and hear his mind when he was moving some pegs around a board and then said to me. "I can use you". Thus I'm trying to step up my openness for what he might have in store for that "use" which entails preparing my brain to not freak out. And there's of course lots more to share in regular biblical connections and a better sense of who the Luciferians are. They are people who died, but space aliens are also of the same ilk, Souls that were in service to the Next Level to some degree in millenium past, on a variety of planets who died against their Older Member, thus began to hang around in spirit as their genetic strain continued to unfolk which took them into being attracted for ways to exist physically and have technologies to get back into space, having being given space based projects while on their home planet, which at some point they dropped away from and over time their experience left the current memory banks of those that were their physical comrades or disciples, and eventually into story form, mythologies, dramatized when told with an artistic flare. Those original souls either came with the space aliens who traveled through the freeway black hole to get here, in their spacecraft OR came via having had influences over those with bodies that believed in, formed allegiences to those who first fell away from the Kingdom of God(Next Level, above human). Now those space aliens are distorting the records left.