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Jesus persecuter Saul/Paul forced to embody first Luciferian antichrist today's Christian church

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That's right. Saul of Tarsus who then took the name Paul was hunting down Jesus disciples as a military Roman employed Jew when he was struck down by a literally blinding light (laser) from a Luciferian "space alien" spacecraft and told it was Jesus doing it. This was days after Jesus was witnessed by dozens ascending physically into a "cloud of light" (spacecraft hiding in cloud) that Jesus warned would happen - "many will come IN MY NAME" - The name he used was Jesus and that's what this vision/voice said was his name. Thus this was the first appearance of the supreme AntiChrist and of course was the founding of the Holy Romam "Catholic" empire(church). Even the protestants that broke away still mostly use Paul's letters as their "creed" while almost all nearly ignoring 90% of what Jesus was quoted to have said and done. This is why "religion" is a "killer of souls" as it distorts what really happened and instead creates their own version thus when the return of the same "family of HOLY mind occurs, they are glued to misinformation so miss it and even hate it (ignore it). Those who teach by Paul are therefore engaging in the only unforgivable (by the kingdom of God) "sin" by teaching others to ignore the core message that can only be found in Jesus total package of words and deeds to include "giving our life(will)" to "Our Father". We can not judge the souls who engage in this but we must give them a chance to change. Ti and Do show a ton of evidence of being the "second coming" as it's come to be called - really the 6th coming during this current civilization on earth. The rev 11 Two Witnesses and the Rev 12 WOMAN(Ti) giving birth to MALE(Do) and the Rev 6 "white horse" (applewhite=name of human horse(vehicle/body)) Do took. I will share lots of info to back this up.