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Jesus sees most Christian & Spiritual teachers as antichrists led by the Luciferian UFO Space Aliens

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This is not an accusation against those who believe in ALL that Jesus taught as best they can understand and who have congregations looking to them for spiritual guidence UNLESS they also try to sheild their congregations from the exploration of all things so called spiritual or otherworldly or paranormal. It was Paul who condemned people that considered the study of the stars appealing and Paul was NOT a Jesus disciple. A disciple had to be able to physically "follow him" night and day wherever he went which was impossible after he left by way of a cloud of light. So Paul was at best a new believer. A new believer's ONLY task is to tell others about the representative from the Kingdom of Heaven, so the best Paul could do would have been to find out what Jesus told His disciples and share EXACTLY those things. Instead he built his own "body of believers"(church) evidenced by his letters and telling them to look to him. Sure he used the name Jesus but that was because he was captured by a Luciferian Space Alien who told him that's who he was, something Jesus would never had done. Had it been that easy to convert people why would Jesus waste his time and effort living "face to face" with those His Father gave to him to teach. This example of Paul was the first major co-opting of the Jesus mission stage. And we will see this now of course pertaining to the return of Jesus in the new names of Ti and Do as the Heaven's Gate that was the next phase in the overall Level Above Human creator kingdoms garden harvest of souls project. Thus there are NO new disciples of Ti and Do thus no new Heaven's Gate group is legitimate in any form at any time. Only those who had a personal physical relationship with Ti and/or Do and are active students to date are authorized to represent them to others. New believers should limit what they say about Ti and Do to what Ti and Do published and in the many tapes they left behind. Anything more is subject to Luciferian space alien distortions.