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Ti & Do=Second Coming of Father & Jesus Evolutionary Level Above Human cloud=UFO Lucifer=Space Alien

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TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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Everything true and real is becoming evident but only for most ardent seekers as ALL truthes are also being co-opted as they always have, as allowed by the Evolutionary Level Above Human, archaically termed The Kingdom of God/Heaven/Nirvana/Englightenment/Overcoming. Atheism IS today a belief in nothingness. Global Warming is natural and is being tounted as human created by those who either can't or won't give credit where credit is due. FACT: Human's, nor space aliens (according to their own admission) did not create any of what we term nature - the planets, the stars, the moons, the elements, the systems, the genetic structures, the electromagnetic force/energy that permeates and instructs ALL things according to their design and application within their overall environment that IS limited in scope. Humans ARE powerful, but ONLY in potential of what they can become IF they individucally choose to ASK the CREATOR CREW are most clearly represented historically by those identified by the names/titles as Adam, Enoch, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Elijah, Jesus, Ti and Do not by the religions that formed from their incarnations but by their core teachings of Love of the Lord with ALL, but while not with us physically Love our neighbors as ourselves which helps us rise out of our instinctual self centered animal behaviors into a selfless - service to the CREATION through the last phyiscal incarnation of that MIND(holy spirit) from the Level Above Human, termed enlightenment, overcoming, samadi, etc. Meanwhile Space aliens and discarnate (dead humans) seek to influence alive humans into their service which don't seem altogether evil EXCEPT in how they propose that this enlightenment can be reached without that real connection with the CREATOR CREW's reps that we won't have if we don't look/search external to ourselves directing our ASKING often and application as best we can which Is then the God within part. It's not done for us. It's not automatic. It takes leaps of faith.