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Sawyer on Jesus Christianity Maitreya Buddist Ti and Do Heaven's Gate parrallels

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All the relgions have parrellel among them and All are also significantly distorted. For instance a caller on NPR duringa health care debate over the abortion issue said in Matthew's gospel, Jesus instructed his disciples to to out to "heal the sick". (Well offerring healing to anyone is a compassionate/loving thing to do). However, who was Jesus speaking to at that time? His disciples, those who had decided to leave ALL behind to "follow him". Who among us are taking on that role? What did Jesus say about who his disciples were? Those who "deny self, take up their cross and follow me" meaning those who are willing to give their total will over to Jesus - the idea of "thy will be done on Earth as it is in the heavenly Kingdom". And those who are willing to take up their cross meaning those willing to tell others of the requirements to be on the Jesus team that will be met with hatred and especially when some start leaving their homes and families to do so. (Some fundamental christians joy in having people hate them for their extreme misinterpretations). But real disciples don't want to be hated. And thirdly, to "follow him". Well that can't be done physially today but the characteristics of following him that we can do is to live by ALL of his commandments. By the way he didn't order people to do this. It was simply a choice and of course we will all respond or not in degrees. The highest order of Buddism reflects the same teachings - the prophecy of the Maitreya. Ti and Do fulfilled all the prophecies, that is for those willing to examine it but such teachings won't hardly be found in any religious or new age organization anymore as these are all populist commercially driven clubs that are actually turning eyes away from reality, thus athesism, who in turn throw the baby out with the bathwater as this reality absolutely came about by as much effort and intelligence as any human does in constructing anything intricate.