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2012 is NOW Space Aliens created religions(See Rael) - same magic pill to eternal bliss

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TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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Yes, it's all upside down alright. What we as a human species are least able to believe is most likely most full with reality BUT believe me the space aliens & human illuminati++ they control with all their many minons who don't have the foggiest idea which end is up, but put on all the pretences of knowing with all their phd's & tail feather self appointed godselves that can't even hardly reduce their own aging nor stop anyones demise. So many thrive on big talk while lording over all around them. Let's make believe EVERYTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS REAL, what you see and hear is what you get, though it's all also degreed in that reality. In this way I will decribe what any repeat appearance of a supreme being MUST represent to Earthlings & I guarantee next to no one will buy it, while millions are glued to religiosity to explain or ignore what to expect in such a future coming. The real deal requires our all & immedieatly, though help us in a stepwise way. The real deal doesn't sweet talk us with sacrine words, flowing robes & sensous pleasures. The real deal says they came from way distant outer space, not a planet or planetary system. The real deal says that every one of their members is above every human/space alien human equivilent as every human in one major sense of having choice is above every animal. The real deal come as a surpise, not through observation, though we can see after the fact. The real deal never promises us something great for nothing hardly given. The real deal doesn't put human genetic families above Level Above Human family, to include those seeking to become new members, thus when they come require new disciples to give their will to that rep-Older Member-Father-Lord, willing to go the distance even to their own death building trust along the way that comes only by seeking & doing the will of the rep in their charge. They don't want robots but they know that unless we are willing to become their's we will never make the required grade.