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Savvy Central Radio runs weekly broadcasts devoted to helping business owners and entrepreneurs. We provide small businesses a platform to express their dreams, hopes, lessons learned and expertise with the world.

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Sarah has extensive marketing experience from founding and running several successful businesses to leading marketing programs for companies ranging from multinational corporations to startups. She is the host of the popular web show ?Spark Your Profits?, where global marketing experts help small businesses grow their sales and profits with simple, actionable training sessions. Skeptical about Instagram as a legitimate marketing tool at first, she became passionate about the platform after stumbling upon some Instagram strategies and processes that really worked when helping some startups to build their audience on social media. After being amazed by the results, she now teaches her methods to other businesses so they can enjoy the same success. At heart Sarah has always been an entrepreneur, and the thing she loves to do most is help smaller businesses outperform their competitors using the most innovative marketing tactics and strategies available today, without spending a fortune or wasting their valuable time on things that don't work. Her mission is to help businesses thrive in today's digital world, turning random acts of marketing into a cohesive plan that gets real results. Spark Your Profits: Instagram free report "3 Things You Must Do to Grow Your Business With Instagram" & newsletter:
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Abingdon Welch is unlike most CEOs. By the time she hit 22, she couldn't wait any longer and finally earned her private pilots license after just 34 days of training. Now 31, this young pilot has carried her adventurous spirit to the... more was founded in 2005 by a web developer David Graves who was learning to fly at the time. SkyVector is the most popular flight planner to view aeronautical charts online. Always current, and always free. In addition, this site... more

Karlene Petitt is an international airline pilot, author, and speaker. Karlene is a 35-year veteran of flying, and now flies an Airbus for an international airline. Karlene is active in promoting safety within the airline industry, as well as... more

Wayne Gorsek is the founder, chairman & CEO / and / As well Wayne is a very accomplished pilot and owner of a Embraer Phenom 300 In this show Wayne will share what ingredients are... more

Jason Schappert runs a highly success aviation training company, called: MzeroA. In 2008, AOPA named Jason the "Top Collegiate Flight Instructor". He has provided over 8,000 hours of dual flight instruction, and is the author of 10... more

Tyson V. Rininger began exploring aviation photography in 1989 at the NAS Point Mugu Airshow. Lacking the knowledge of marketing and creativity, he chose the business name, TVR Photography. As an unestablished fifteen year-old... more

Sandy McDougall spent decades being a hard-working, responsible woman. She completed 2 degrees, raised 3 sons, learned 4 languages, lived in 5 states, served on 6 boards of directors, competed in 7 different sports, and held 8... more

Deb Scott, BA, CPC #1 Best-Selling Author of ?Social Media for the Rest of Us: Understanding and Optimizing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.? Four time Award Winning Author in Self-Help, Motivation, Best New Non-Fiction and... more

Writing is second nature to Nozer. He has been writing scripts, letters, and short stories ever since he was a youngster. He attributes this to his Mom, Coomi Buchia, who influenced his penmanship in more ways than one. He followed in... more

In a world driven by social media and technology gadgets, it is important to maintain a "high touch" business culture. A culture that supports people's best efforts, community, and connectivity. This is what Zef helps you establish. Zef... more
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